Built With PowerBASIC


Alan Norman

Web: http://www.allthingsspiny.co.uk

PC Thermometer

A usable PC linked thermometer with two sensors and datalogging, built in PB\win. Uses thermistors and a joystick port. Once loaded it lives in the task bar and will happily run for weeks on end. The program is capable of uploading a web page at timed intervals for display. Thanks to PB there is no need for huge runtimes and excessive memory usage.

Aldo Vitagliano

Dipartimento di Chimica
Università di Napoli
Via Cintia
80126 Napoli, Italy

Web: http://chemistry.unina.it/~alvitagl/solex/
Email: alvitagl@unina.it


Celestial Mechanics package, written in PBCC & PerfectSync Graphics Tools 2 and intended for scientific and educational use. The package, also including an orbit-determination program, produces precise and reliable ephemerides over an extremely wide time span, and can be used at any level of sophistication, from just showing the "tonight sky" at a given location, up to become a serious research tool for the investigation of the motion of potentially hazardous asteroids and other solar system bodies. Freeware

Blue Lizard Software

9357 Adelard-Godbout
Quebec, QC, G2B 4R7

Web: http://www.winnanny.net
Email: info@winnanny.net

Win Nanny, parental control software

Win Nanny is a parental control software launched automatically with starting of a computer and takes control of the access. Finished the arguments, it allows you the parent to determine, it allows YOU the parent to determine when the children are on the computer, which child can access the computer in the designated time slot. Also, if a child wants to start up the computer outside of his allowed time space, he or she will not be able to. When they arrive at the end of their allowed time period, the software politely lets them know that they have time to finish what they started, but they will always know in advance the end is near. That’s putting the end to the constant negotiation sessions that occur when YOU try to limit THEIR time!
Single license, $30.00 US
Family license, $50.00 US (for all computers in your home)

Buchanan Computing Ltd

227 Shepherds Bush Road
London W6 7AS

+44 20 8846 3220 Voice
+44 20 8741 9919 Fax

Web: http://www.buchanancomputing.net
Email: sales@buchanancomputing.co.uk


Most traffic signs in the United Kingdom are designed using a system written entirely in PB/Win. SignPlot replaces expensive CAD tools to automate the complicated sign layout and spacing rules required by the UK Traffic Signs Regulations. In addition to producing drawings and various formats of export file, it is used to help manufacture signs. SignPlot has been supplied to many hundreds of different organizations and is run on well over 1000 computers throughout the British Isles. A version for Greece is also available. P.O.A. Free evaluation CD available.


Software for designing traffic sign supports and foundations to European standard EN 12899:2007. It takes account of the appropriate wind load (which is determined by the software for locations in UK and Ireland) and contains the necessary data for most steel and proprietary supports used in Europe. It checks the requirements for passive safety (crash friendliness) to EN 12767 and will determine the spacing of sign face stiffeners for a wide range of substrate materials.

Professional version: £500 or €650. Designer version: Free to relevant companies and local authorities in Europe.

Claud Sibert

2900 Nederland Avenue
Apartment 628
Nederland, Texas 77627-7056

Email: cesjr2004@yahoo.com

SibertSoft Test Port version 1.0

Searches for com1 and com2 on motherboard. Searches for com3 and com4 on PCI Serial Card. Report is either OK or Bad. Sold on 3.5 floppy, turnkey disk.
Price $20.00. Make check payable to: Claud Sibert

Computer Workshop

196 Reed Lane
Wytheville, Virginia 24382

+1 (276) 228-5279 Voice

Web: http://cwsof.com/
Email: sales@cwsof.com

EZGUI Professional

EZGUI is a GUI engine (DLL) along with a Visual Designer. It has nearly 450 commands. Most of the Common controls are supported, such as the Toolbar, ProgressBar, StatusBar, Trackbar, UpDown, Tab, Listview, Treeview, DateTime and Animation control (also the RichEdit). Custom controls include the Drag handle, Masked Edit, Turtle Graphics, Canvas, MCI and Shape/HotSpot control. Other features include the Common Dialogs, OwnerDraw and CustomDraw controls, subclassing, Visual Design commands (drag and drop), MDI applications, Tray Icons, Non-Rectangular Forms, thread support, timers, read/write to Registry, Clipboard, Print engine and a draw engine for the Canvas control.
$199 - Email Version

Freeware DDT™ Visual Designer

The Freeware DDT Visual Designer is a visual design tool patterned after the EZGUI Visual Designer. It allows user interfaces to be created using "drag and drop" methods. It then generates the PowerBASIC source code for the user interface, using the Dynamic Dialog Tools™ functions in the PowerBASIC DLL Compiler 6.0. FREE download from the EZGUI web site!

Computerized Radiation Scanners, Inc.

140 Sopwith Drive
Vero Beach, FL 32968

Phone (772)562-0405

Email: crs7@bellsouth.net

Computerized Radiation Scanners

Computerized Radiation Scanners (CRS) manufactures a radiation beam scanner that measures the characteristics of high energy therapy treatment devices used for treating cancer. Measurements are made in either a water phantom or on film. The scanner itself is mechanical device that moves a sensor probe in 1, 2 or 3 axis. If used in water, the probe is either an ionization chamber or a diode capable of detecting radiation. Film is scanned using a small laser as light source and a diode detector. The mechanical parts uses motors to move the sensor. The motors are driven from electronics controlled by a PC, programmed using PowerBasic Console Compiler. The output from the sensors are amplified and converted to digital data used as input to the PC and PB/CC. The transmission for both output and input uses UDP/IP working at 100MB/sec. An embedded Rabbit 3200 computer is used as an interface in the electronics unit.

Daniel Corbier

Web: http://www.ucalc.com/
Contact: http://www.ucalc.com/contact.html

UCalc Fast Math Parser

UCalc Fast Math Parser allows programs to evaluate math expressions that are defined at run time. What distinguishes it from similar components is rapid calculation speed, as well as ease of implementation, flexibility, and sturdiness. It was compiled entirely with PowerBASIC into a standard DLL, which has allowed users of Delphi, Visual Basic, various C++ and FORTRAN compilers to also take advantage of this speedy component. $450


Web: http://www.devotechs.com
Email: support@devotechs.com

HIME (Huge-Integer Math and Encryption) library

HIME provides your program with encryption, security and huge-integer math functions. Encryption capabilities include RSA public key, AES (Rijndael), RC4 secret key encryption functions and the Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm. Hash functions: CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512. Cryptographically secure random number generation (Blum-Blum-Shub, RSA), true random number retrieval from an internet server. Prime number generation and compression/decompression functions. File shredding (securely erasing files) functions and more. HIMEs huge-integer number mathematical, bit manipulation and boolean functions can serve as building blocks for implementing other public key encryption schemes or performing math calculations with arbitrary precision. The huge-integer math functions support integers of up to 2^31 bits long (268 million digits)! HIME is written in PowerBASIC and inline assembler.

Don Dickinson

Don Dickinson19111 Manchester Street
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Web: http://www.greatwebdivide.com
Email: ddickinson@greatwebdivide.com

DDOC Print and Preview

32-bit, thread-safe, ddoc Print and Preview Engine. With about 200k of overhead and run-time requirements, this small package gives the windows programmer a very easy to use print and/or preview API. It's callable from any 16 or 32-bit program, and can be used to create professional output on either the screen or the printer. Use the same code to both print and preview any document; just set one flag letting the engine know whether you want to print or preview. Preview documents can be manually or programmatically emailed to recipients via SMTP or MAPI - the end user receives a viewable, printable, formatted preview screen with no run-time installation required. PB/DLL source code included. $25.00

EDV-Service Logemann

Inh. Wilfried Logemann
Nordloher Strasse 16a
26689 Apen - Godensholt

04409 – 909763  Voice
04409 - 8414  Fax

Web: http://www.flagranto.de/


 flagranto is sleek and powerful ERP system, programmed exclusively in PowerBasic, which includes 18 fully independent—yet completely integrated modules: CRM, fiinancials, manufacturing, supply chain & warehouse management, human resources, and projects. Tailor-made business solutions
Price: 1,298.00 €


1194 Old Dixie Highway
Suite 8
Lake Park, FL 33403

(561) 723-6932  Voice

Web: http://www.efidude.com
Email: sales@efidude.com


The application displays and allows the user to “surf” car data collected via a vehicle’s OBDii diagnostic port. The data includes engine RPM, engine temperature, air/fuel mixture and many more. Data is collected on a very small device with on-board data storage, so no connection to a computer is required. The device can collect and store 2 hours of data before requiring a data download. The main application was written in VB.net, but the more time-sensitive operations that include communication with USB hardware and encryption routines were all done in a PowerBASIC DLL (PB/Win 8).
The software is completely FREE and the hardware is $150.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Web: http://sudoku.ervich.name


This newly developed very advanced Windows program helps you become an expert in solving Sudoku puzzles. The program is very easy to use and provides an extensive range of exceedingly powerful features: Solve any Sudoku puzzle, enter Sudoku puzzles easily from newspapers etc., make Sudoku puzzles (beginner to extremely difficult), get hints during solving, show all possible numbers in every cell (the candidate table), very simple input of numbers, log of solving process, exceedingly effective candidate reduction, very fast computer solving of any Sudoku puzzle, easy printing of Sudoku puzzles, and much more.
Price 19 USD (occasional special offers).

Francom's Software, LTD

2541 Perry Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98310

+1 (360) 373-4815  Voice
+1 (702) 479-4831  Fax

Web: http://www.ApotheSoft.com/
Email: info@apothesoft.com


The ApotheSoft family of software was designed by a Pharmacist who fills prescriptions every day using our software. We strive to make software easy to use and affordable. Our system is not a stripped down system but includes a Tabbed Windows interface with Patient and Doctor profiles only a mouse click away. The ApotheSoft system does dual third party insurance billing and is capable of handling over 500 prescriptions per day. This system is written entirely in PowerBASIC using the FireFly IDE and totals over half a million lines of code. The main module is a single program with every function for easy prescription, patient, doctor, and drug management fully integrated and only a mouse click or function key away. The database is self-contained using Cheetah and is fully multi-user on a peer to peer network.

G-E Automotive Systems

11 Topeka Glen
St. Clair NSW 2759

Web: http://www.gesystems.com.au
Email: support@gesystems.com.au

G-E Automotive Systems

G-E Automotive Systems is a powerful software application designed explicitly for use in Automotive Workshops for Mechanics, Auto Electricians & Motorcycle Repairers. A relative newcomer to the market, the software has been designed and refined over several years of actual workshop use and throws a serious challenge at the standard of workshop software currently available to the industry. "I have looked at every software package I could find and have even bought two that I hate. Just using G-E Auto for a few hours I have got all the features worked out pretty well and it does all the things I want.
Price AU$865 (inc GST)

Gardenia Software Systems, Inc.

5907 Whippoorwill Hollow Dr.
Milford, OH 45150

(513) 861-3748  Voice
(513) 861-6036 Fax

Web: http://www.gardeniasoftwaresystems.com
Email: mailto:info@gardeniasoftwaresystems.com

Cash Information Management™ (CIM™)

Gardenia Software Systems uses PowerBASIC to develop cash management software systems for commercial cash operations. The company's Cash Information Management (CIM) software suite is a highly configurable set of applications designed to enable cash processing, ordering, reconciliation, replenishment, and reporting in the banking, retail, gaming, and armored carrier services industries.
The cost of the core application is $990 per license.

Insight Trading Pty Ltd

PO Box 315
NSW 2774 Australia

Web: http://insighttrader.com.au
Email: info@insighttrader.com.au

Insight Trader Stockmarket Analysis

For over sixteen years Insight Trading has been producing software specifically designed for analysing world stockmarkets and futures markets with powerful yet easy-to-use analysis tools to assist your investment decisions. Insight Trader is so fast that it will allow you to chart both real time live intraday tick data as well as end of day data with the one package and provides tools for you to perform both Technical and Fundamental Analysis as well as including a comprehensive integrated Portfolio Manager to record your transactions and continuously value your investment portfolios.$A795

Jose Roca Software

José Roca Software

Email: joseroca.daman@ono.com
Web: http://com.it-berater.org

TypeLib Browser

This tool allows you to inspect all the information available in the type libraries of any COM servers and ActiveX controls. Also generates wrapper functions that use direct Vtable calls, classes for events sink and interface definitions. Freeware

SED Editor

A programmer's editor for the PB/WIN and PB/CC compilers. Features a tabbed MDI interface, syntax highlighting, codetips and autocompletion, block operations, unlimited undo and redo, drag and drop, code folding, bookmarks, zoom, project management, context help, customizable fonts and colors, split windows, color printing, code analyzer, and much more. Freeware

COM Wrappers

Libraries of wrapper functions for ADO, DAO, ODBC, WebBrowser Control, WMI, MAPI, CDO, MSHTML, MSXML, MSAGENT, Task Scheduler, Accessibility, Structured Storage, WinHTTP, many more. Freeware

JWB Software & Services LLC

406 Park Street
Grayling, MI 49738

Web: http://webpages.charter.net/waidbaker113/page2.html
Email: jwbaker@charter.net


AstroVizier provides a precise and detailed physical ephemeris for the major bodies of the solar system. Maps showing the surface features on a body are given where appropriate. Latitude and longitude on any visible point of the body can be determined as well. Price: $40.00

Four By Jove

Four By Jove gives precise locations of the four main moons of Jupiter and shows Jupiter satellite events as well as mutual events. A new round of mutual events will occur in 2009 and this program will predict and graphically show this phenomena. Price: $40.00

KISS Development of Texas

Gardendale TX 79758
Phone 432-362-4618

Web: http://www.kissacct.com
Email: greux@kissacct.com

The GREUX Accounting System

Consists of a choice of the following fully integrated application modules: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Multi-state Payroll, Inventory with Bills of Material, Order Entry/Invoicing, Purchase Orders, and Crop Costing. All systems come standard with the Control Module and the Report Generator. Users include orchards, vineyards, wholesale distributers, service providers, and retailers.

$500 each application module for a Single User system
$1,000 each application module for Network systems (unlimited users).

Luigi Micco

Via M. Cirillo, 5
82100 Benevento (BN) Italy

Web: http://www.luigimicco.altervista.org
Email: l.micco@tiscali.it


pbPDF is an include file for PowerBASIC that allows you to create PDF documents from any application without using any third party party software, Active X (OCX) controls, external DLLs or the installation of any other component. pbPDF is written in pure standard code and allows you to create PDF documents that contains TrueType font, GIF, JPG and BMP images, tables, paragraphs, links, indexes, filling, vectorial graphics.
Free limited version
Euro 200 full version

Fredrick Ughimi

Mega-Net Computers
Blog: www.ughimisoft.com/blog.htm

Web: http://www.ughimisoft.com
Email: contact@ughimisoft.com
Email2: fughimi@yahoo.com
Twitter: @FredrickUghimi, @Ughimisoft

Mega-Net Hospital Pro

Mega-Net HospitalPro is a computerised Hospital Management Information System developed by Mega-Net Computers (www.ughimisoft.com) to effectively handle patient’s records for all categories of Hospitals and clinics.
Mega-Net HospitalPro software offers a low-price Hospital Management System which has complete solution for daily hospital operations. Main functions includes Patients Awaiting Services, Register, Ante-Natal , Nurses Bay, Accounts, Laboratories, Pharmacy , Wards/Clinics, Theatre, Radiology, Utilities, Help functions, etc. Latest updates can be found here: www.ughimisoft.com/hospitalpro.htm.
Demo limited version
US $900 (Server Installation) US $300 Client Installation - full version


Michael Rosner
Bismarckstr. 63
20259 Hamburg Germany

Web: http:http://www.ariston-backgammon.de/ariston.html
Email: micro491@aol.com

Ariston Backgammon

A neural net-based backgammon program with attractive graphics, animated pieces, most easy to use interface and many features like: match play, doubling cube, undo last move, let computer recommend moves, rollout a position, set up any board situation, store positions in archive, save/load a position as *.POS file, replay log files ( *.MAT *.GAM *.NG *.SGG ), board designer, help manual, demo, etc. Shareware. $25

Midnight Dreams Limited

104 Brantwood Way
Orpington, Kent
United Kingdom

+44 1689 873118  Voice

Web: http://www.midnight-dreams.com
Email: development@midnight-dreams.com

Bespoke Control Software & Systems

Our clients being mainly Museums and Interactive marketing companies require a wide range of control solutions for interactivity using RS232, and network support. We primarily use Powerbasic to construct this level of software in a very short turnaround of time, allowing us to transparently communicate with our in house Hardware solutions for configuration purposes. We also use Powerbasic to Interface Flash and Director applications, directly to RS232 and UDP networks. Powerbasic is also our primary engine for Interactive game hardware control, due to its multi threaded capabilities over VB.

Mountain Software

6911 NE Livingston Road
Camas, WA 98607 USA

Web: http://www.mountain-software.com/homecook.htm
Email: support@mountain-software.com

Home Cookin Recipe Software

Easy to use recipe software with a friendly user interface, easy recipe entry, photo support, spell checking, and support for informational text. Imports Meal-Master, Mastercook, Big Oven, Cookbook Wizard, From Scratch, From My Kitchen, Living Cookbook, Now You're Cooking, Recipe Processor, and Computer Chef. Also has manual import for web pages, newsgroups, and other sources. Exports to Meal-Master and Mastercook. Fast and easy search functions, duplicate recipe finder, and a variety of flexible printing options. Includes an integrated meal planning calendar and grocery manager for preparing shopping lists. $29.95

Nostalgia Baseball

15945 Frontiersman Dr.
Redding, CA 96001

Web: http://www.nostalgiabaseball.net
Email: support@nostalgiabaseball.net

Nostalgia Baseball

Nostalgia Baseball is a sophisticated computer baseball game that incorporates all the facets of owning and managing in a professional baseball league, from the draft to the league championship. With the use of an innovative concept, Nostalgia Baseball features highly reliable statistical outcomes and many more controls than fantasy baseball. It also connects you with a close community of owners and provides the consummate strategic challenge for the long haul. This is a game for serious fans motivated by high-level competition and ready to test their mettle against the best. Free franchise startup, $9.95 per season thereafter

Oak Tree Systems LLC

303 Klondike Dr.
Georgetown, TX 78628

Web: http://www.oaktreesystems.com
Email: oaktreesysinfo@aol.com

Railroad Operator

Railroad Operator is a control system for model railroads which make use of Oak Tree Systems' Railroad Control Interface (RCI) hardware products. In conjunction with RCI hardware, Railroad Operator provides a graphical user interface for these functions: operating trains, either manually, automatically, or on a scheduled basis; operating turnouts and setting routes, operating signals, crossing gates/flashers, and other accessories; making use of handheld controllers for "walk-around" control of trains. Railroad Operator is easy to set up and operate, with no computer programming skills required. All options are configured via "point and click", including the drawing of a representation of the user's train layout on the computer screen, placing turnouts, signals, and other accessories, and operating trains via on-screen throttles or handheld controllers.

Ocean d.o.o.

2000 Maribor
Gosposvetska 27

Web: http://www.fg.uni-mb.si/lak/ocean/
Email: branko.bedenik@guest.arnes.si


The OCEAN2006 structural analysis package is a finite element program for linear elastic analyses and dimensioning of plates, plane frames and shear walls. OCEAN2006 and its user-friendly graphic environment were written with PowerBASIC for Windows. It has three modules: Plate Bending Problem (MORJE), Plane Frame Analysis (OKVIR) and Shear Wall Analysis (SWALL). Some of these sub-modules perform instantaneous reinforcement dimensioning. OKVIR enables detailed finite element procedure that enables students to gain a thorough understanding. Total loads for specified loading cases are combined using EC 2 by default or by any user defined load factors in post-processor in reinforcement calculations. The methods of analyses and the frontal solution algorithm are completely transparent to the user, as the input is entered through the mouse driven pre-processor menu. There is no numerical input; the mesh generation is automatic using a mouse for the generation of substructures on the basis of DXF format created in architectural design. $800

Ok Accounting Systems & Software

Ok Accounting Systems & Software Norman, OK 73069

Email: buff_oasys@yahoo.com
Web: http://oasys.earth.prohosting.com

Client Write-Up

Client Write-Up is the CPA choice for doing their clients monthly bookkeeping. Financial Statements, Journal Listing, Trial Balance, Bank Reconciliation, and Depreciation are included. In addition, after-the-fact payroll and payee input to keep track of W-2 and 1099 information. W-2s and 1099s can be printed in facsimile or on pre-printed forms. The free downloadable demo lets you see use the system before purchasing. $295 per 3 workstations


Stand alone payroll will print check and W-2s. Summary entries from the register can be updated to the Client Write-Up. $129


On Top Systems

On Top Systems
2869 O'Connell Drive
Suite 69
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Email: systems@ontopsystems.com
Web: http://www.ontopsystems.com/


Minute-2-Minute is written in PB/Win and designed for timing and billing computer-based work. Up to 9,999 projects or clients may be defined. Projects are billed on a flat hourly rate or hourly rate variable by day. Overtime is also supported. The built-in AutoTrak feature times your work independent of your system's clock, providing enhanced accuracy. Switch between projects with two mouse clicks. Timer display is configurable. Statements can be generated by range of days, week, or by month. Various statement options include ability to omit or include time detail, expense detail, and ability for custom comments by project. Preview statements on screen before printing. Billing reports and expense reports can be previewed on screen and/or printed.

$19.95 (30-day free trial)

Performance Simulations

Performance Simulations 475 1/2 7th Street W # 2
St Paul, MN 55102

Web: http://www.PerformanceSimulations.com
Email: Todd_Wasson@PerformanceSimulations.com

Straightline Acceleration Simulator

Written entirely in PB/Win, this drag racing simulation tool is for racers looking to come up with ideal parts combinations. Build the car virtually by entering detailed specs, then run a virtual acceleration run to find out what the 1/4 mile time and trap speed, 0-60mph time, top speed, and other performance data will be. An engine simulation is included and can be used to construct virtual engines for testing in lieu of dyno data. Run virtually any acceleration test starting at any speed over any distance. This is accurate software used and praised by real drag racers. Free demo is available at the site. $39.95

Virtual RC Racing

Virtual RC Racing is the hottest, most realistic, and sophisticated RC car simulator on the market today. The vehicle dynamics/physics engine, artificial intelligence system, and many other computationally demanding areas were written using PB/Win. Is PB/Win viable for commercial game development? Absolutely! If you're into on-road RC nitro car racing at all, this simulator is a must-have. The 100% PB/Win written physics engine that controls the motion of the cars via very sophisticated vehicle dynamics modelling is available for licensing separately from Virtual RC Racing. Contact the author via email shown here.


Planet Squires14 Forest River Road
Torbay, NL A1K 0B2

Web: http://www.planetsquires.com
Email: support@planetsquires

FireFly Visual Designer

All the speed of "C" with the rapid application development time of Visual Basic. FireFly does not use any runtime libraries like Visual Basic or other visual designers. WYSIWYG visual designer. OCX and ActiveX support. Built-in support for Microsoft's ADO and ADOX (Active Data Objects) database support. Over 200 built-in, internal functions ensure that you get the job done fast. Fully functional, 30-day trial download is available. $99.00

JellyFish Pro

JellyFish Pro is a programmer's editor specifically designed for the PowerBASIC language. It works with PB/WIN, PB/DLL, PB/CC and even PB/DOS. Features CodeTips (i.e. Intellisense), Syntax Highlighting, Project Management, Function List, Split Screen, Lynx Project Explorer integration, 3rd Party Plugin support, Block Indenting and Commenting, F1 Context Sensitive Help for PowerBasic and Win32 API keywords, and much more. Freeware

Cheetah Database System

Cheetah is a fast, small database system for use with most 32-bit programming languages. Cheetah can create standard xbase files or files that include binary data. The indexing system is based on a fast, balanced, paged btree structure. Includes query processing, compound indexes and duplicate key indexes all in a super small DLL. Includes PowerBASIC and VB headers. Freeware

Positive Feedback Software, LLC

Email: sales@MyFreePOS.net

FreePOS Restaurant Management System V6.65

FreePOS is a powerful, yet inexpensive, restaurant point of sale application that is currently installed in hundreds of businesses. Features include touch screen driven operation, full PCI compliancy and a powerful feature set that rivals top commercial products. Although FreePOS was developed using many products, the chameleon like integration provided by PowerBASIC was essential to much of the POS's core operation. At Positive Feedback Software, LLC we utilize PowerBASIC each day in print spoolers, web reporting and low level TCP/IP data communication. Without PowerBASIC, we would have spent thousands of extra hours reinventing the wheel.

Redei Enterprises

Redei Enterprises
1424 Brett Place
Suite 359
San Pedro, CA 90732

Web: http://www.direct-print.com/
Email: sales@direct-print.com

Action Process Automator

ACTION Process Automator started from the Start-Up Group or set as a Service. From this moment it takes charge over predetermined tasks, triggering them whenever they are scheduled to occur. The use of ACTION is quite simple. It is loaded to the system tray and once the icon appears ACTION is in business. Just double click the icon to add, edit or view actions. You can schedule a series of actions. The small package provides a wide variety of built in tasks: Copies/moves files and directories, downloads files from the Internet, FTP file upload and download, monitors and shuts off stalled applications, launches applications, records and plays back TASQ Recorder macros, sends and receives e-mails, renames/deletes folders, executes scripts, terminates running applications, restarts windows, prints, zips and unzips, attaches/detaches network servers and maps/unmaps network drives, sets the date of files, dials phone numbers, sets the computer clock to an atomic clock, publishes the external IP. Action can also repeat these actions and execute them only when preset conditions met. $80

PrintDirect utility

With just a simple drag & drop to the PrintDirect icon on the desktop the utility will print the file on the default printer. Or, double click on the icon and select any printer from the list. PrintDirect utility also features a scheduler for unattended printing. While it normally prints documents bypassing the printer driver, it can also print bitmap images, Word documents, Rich Text without it. The utility can be converted to a Print Server that automatically prints documents that appear in a certain directory on an associated printer. PrintDirect can be launched from DOS and 16-bit applications with the name of the printer and the path to the file to print. The utility widely used for opening cash register drawers, printing barcode labels and mainframe or DOS originated reports. $25

PrintDirect Anywhere

With just a simple drag & drop PrintDirect Anywhere will print the file on a printer located anywhere in the world. Better yet, with a simple configuration settings it prints everything in designated printers located anywhere. PrintDirect Anywhere combines a utility with an application server. It automatically starts the application server (called PrintDirect Remote) upon bootup and displays its icon in the system tray. You can determine from the utility those IP addresses that the utility should include in the printers listings. Once a remote location was determined and the location is accessible, the printers at this location will appear in the list of available printers. You can select them as they would be at your location and use them as they would be your local or network printers. $150

PrintDirect DLL

The small real 32-bit DLL can be used from 32 bit programs in Windows'98, '95, 'ME', 'NT, '2000' and 'XP'to bypass the printer driver, to list the available printers, and to set the default printer. Prints bitmaps and provides LPrint as it was in old DOS Basic. The DLL does not need registration in the system Registry and it requires no other component. Sample VB application, sample VB, C++, VFP, VDF and PowerBasic code and comprehensive Help are included. Royalty free distribution. $80

ReMailPlus DLL

REMailPlus can send email to multiple recipients with unlimited number of attachments, connecting and disconnecting to/from the Internet with dialup networking when needed. It can bind to an FTP server and download or upload directory structures. REMail Plus sends emails via SMTP or ESMTP and receives via POP3. It detects when Internet connection needs to be established and connects/disconnects automatically. REMailPlus encodes/decodes attachments using either MIME or UUENCode. ReMailPlus includes a separate DLL Re_SMTP, which sends emails without an SMTP server, multi-threaded. This DLL also retrieves MX records and verifies email addresses. Both ReMailPlus and RE_SMTP send SMS text messages to mobile phones. ReMailPlus supports Tiny Encryption Algorithm for sending and receiving confidential emails, and converts flat text to HTML for HTML emails. The MailPreview provides an easy way of filtering emails for viruses or deleting junk emails without actually receiving them. REMail Plus provides complete FTP directory management and file transfer and retrieves web pages, XML responses. It also provides functions to turn on/off or set the windows firewall. Comprehensive Reference Manual, sample VB, PB applications, royalty free distribution. $130

Remote Dialer

Remote Dialer adds dialing capabilities to any application. It can also be used as a standalone dialer. When the Dialer is loaded it appears in the system tray. Highlight a phone number in a document, in an html page or in a database or spreadsheet and copy it to the clipboard. The Dialer will pop up with the phone number ready to dial. $25


Drag and drop a picture or select the picture with a button while viewing it immediately. Click on the View button to display the picture in full size. Enter the dimensions of the photo paper, select the printer and click on the print button. It is really simple. Freeware. $0

SetClock utility

Keeps the clock of your computer accurate by obtaining the exact time from one of the available atomic clock servers. It also allows setting the TimeZone from the program, so traveling with a laptop adjusts to the local time with a click. SetClock also has an alarm clock waking you up with your favorite music, accepting any MP3, Midi or Wav file. SetClock starts with boot-up and sits in the system tray. Right click on the icon to access a menu. $10

Image Converter DLL

The small real 32-bit DLL can be used from 32 bit programs in Windows'98, '95, 'ME', 'NT, '2000 and 'XP' to convert BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF images from one type to another. It also can create thumb images in any of these types and to retrieve the dimensions of an image. The DLL does not need registration in the system Registry and it requires no other component. Sample VB application is included. Royalty free distribution. $35

Image Converter Utility

Converts BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, ICO, EMF, WMF and TIFF images to BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF images in Windows'98, '95, 'ME, 'NT, '2000 and 'XP . It can also resize images in any of these output types. The utility needs no installation. It creates an icon for itself on the desktop. It removes this icon and deletes itself when clicking on the About - Uninstall button. $20

CH Lohn + Gehalt

Richheimer + Richheimer

IT Consultants
Balmisriedweg 1
CH-4116 Metzerlen

Web: http://www.chlohn.ch
Email: consulting@richheimer.org

CH Lohn + Gehalt

The ultimate payroll software. Developed in Switzerland for the Swiss. Complies to all legal and insurance requirements. Automatic tax deduction for each Canton. Free test version is available.


Michael D. Jenkins, J.D., CPA
250 N. Snow Canyon Dr., Suite #69
Ivins, UT 84738

Email: mdjenk@aol.com
Web: http://www.roninsoft.com/advisor.htm

Small Business Advisor

Written with PB/Win, Small Business Advisor is the front-end software for the 50 state editions of the "Starting and Operating a Business in California" (NY, TX, etc.) ebook series, a re-publication over the last year by a Harvard tax lawyer/CPA of his print editions that have sold a million+ copies. The program interviews the business owner and uses the answers about his/her business to instantly assemble a fully customized ebook in HTML format (roughly 450 pages if printed), providing a comprehensive summary of small business laws and taxes (federal and the selected state), with an explanation of how they apply to the user's business, plus practical advice on subjects ranging from Universal Product Codes to asset protection. It also assembles a detailed "Business Checklist" for that business.
$29.95 for 1-state version
$99 for all 50 states version

RT Engineering as

Kanal gt.7
Larvik Norway N-3263

Email: mail@rte.no
Web: http://www.rte.no/

Complete production control systems

PB/Win PC screens interfaced with popular PLC controllers. Asphalt mixing plant shown here. 'SCADA' like tailor made systems at a fraction of the cost. We have years of experience in automation. Multi-task online communication, real time graphic screen updates, recipe databases, weighing and dosage controls, traceable production results, data reports with graphics.


Paul O'Kane EI5DI
36 Coolkill
Dublin 18

Web: http://www.ei5di.com
Email: pokane@ei5di.com


SD is a contest logger for ham radio operators. It sets the standard for fast simple logging and editing in the major international contests and in dozens of other events worldwide.

SD supports rig control, and integrates with WinKey to eliminate any CW timing issues caused by Windows (http://www.k1el.com/).

SD runs in console mode and is free from our web site.


Carpenters Lane
Brook, Newport,
Isle of Wight

Web: http://www.mstdrain.co.uk/
Email: sales@mstdrain.co.uk


MasterDrain Hydrology is a unique package containing a database of over 4500 UK places with the hydrological constants for each. It will produce rainfall tables, return period calculations, attenuation storage volumes, a full implementation of the EA/Defra W5-074A document, and much more. Output includes linear and logarithmic graphs. The program contains a full set of on-screen Wallingford maps (by permission). Written entirely in PB/Win, this is an essential item for anyone involved in UK hydrology and drainage design. £1500

Software Innovators

P.O. Box 461
Wellford, SC 29385

+1 (864) 949 6716 Voice
+1 (800) 414 4268 Orders (US and Canada Only)
+1 (910) 791 7052 Orders

Web: http://www.softwareinnovators.com/
Email: Sales@SoftwareInnovators.com


SI Grid is a 32-bit DLL based grid control written entirely in PB/Win and the Win32 API. It is the upgrade to the first commercially-available grid control written specifically for PowerBASIC users. SI Grid supports edit box, combo box, check box, URL, Progress Bar cells. The number of rows and columns is limited only by available memory. SI Grid 3.0 supports resource scripts, dialog editors, DDT™, and EZGUI. SI Grid works on all 32-bit Windows platforms and with any language able to call a standard DLL (Includes a PB header file as well as a Visual Basic module). Unlimited runtime license. Standard Edition $97.50

Spherical Panorama Inc.

Koroleva 3
18000 Ukraine

phone +38067-291-1712

Web: http://sp.zdt.ru/sp_vtb.php

Spherical Panorama Virtual Tour Builder

Creates powerful, effective multimedia presentations. SP_VTB provides multiple ways to present your virtual tour. SP_VTB virtual tour compiler can create multimedia presentations with spherical and cylindrical panoramas, hot spots, map, compass, video, objects, foreground speech, background music, flash Mx animation, HTML web page for Internet (Java/JavaScript based virtual tour), CD/local Exe Presentation (PE/Exe based virtual tour), screenSavers. SP_VTB's user-friendly design allows professionals and beginners alike to build impressive virtual tours. Shareware $198

T.E.H., Inc.

19701 Prince Benjamin Dr.
Lutz FL 33549

1-800-755-9482  Voice
(813) 909-9734 Fax

Web: http://www.tehinc.com
Email: info@tehinc.com


TakeOff is a complete construction material estimating system, which will allow contractors as well as do-it-yourselfers to estimate the amount of material needed to complete a construction job. Typical types that the system software can estimate are: Carpet with Pad, Vinyl Floor Covering, Parquet, Vinyl Tile, Wall Paneling, Bricks, Paint, Carpet Glued Down, Ceramic Tile, Ceiling Tile, Drywall, Concrete Block, and Concrete (Cu. Yd.). $449.95.


Total is a is a powerful and yet still simple to use multi-user Accounting Management System designed for flooring companies. It features Inventory Control, Work Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Billing/Job Costing, Employee Payroll, Subcontractor Payroll, Management Reports, Customer Bid Sheets, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and much more. $5,000.00

Theo Gottwald

Wolfartsweierer Str.1
76131 Karlsruhe
Tel. (+49) 721 96633-00, -01, - 02
Fax. (+49) 721 96633-99
Web: http://www.it-berater.org/smpov.htm
Email: Theo.Gottwald@it-berater.org


SMP rendering and network distributed rendering using POV-Ray. Nearly all parts of SMPOV are written in PowerBASIC and PowerBASIC-ASM, ensuring that all parts of the application are fully multithreaded and uses as few CPU Resources as necessary. PowerBASIC is the low-level answer to anything that should be small, reliable and as fast as possible. Several online-magazines use it for testing multicore-CPUs. Freeware


Web: http://www.thinBasic.com
Email: support@thinbasic.com


thinBasic is a Basic like language interpreter. Text file scripts are interpreted and executed immediately by a simple double click or by an automated scheduled tasks. Built-in IDE and full online and offline help. Allows for creation of compiled keywords. Native interface with Win32 API and external 3rd party DLLs. Freeware


TITAN Algorithms

Web: www.TITANAlgorithms.com
Email: Admin@TITANAlgorithms.com

Hyperion TFS

TFS stands for Thermal Fluid Simulator. TFS is a general purpose CFD and CHT solver, our flagship product at TITAN Algorithms. TFS is a unique tool in the way that is couples with TAS and Sinda based solvers by virtue of the flow conductor export feature. TFS is a graphical modeller and operates much like a wind tunnel with its threaded solver method. TFS includes the Mesh2D Meshing module.

Hyperion Mesh3D

Mesh3D is a general purpose volume hex meshing tool. Mesh3D reads a generic ASCII or Binary STL file as the geometry basis, then performs edge detection and flood fill to create the volume mesh. Create a 500,000 element mesh in just 5 seconds, animate the process and export the neutral file in multiple formats.

Hyperion Mesh2D

PMM stands for Paint Method Mesher. PMM (Mesh2D) is a general purpose 2D hex meshing tool. The mesh is built by first reading a standard bitmap and processing the pixel content to generate a mesh. The user enjoys instant mesh design feedback. The mesh file is then exported in several neutral file export formats.

Hyperion GCG

GCG stands for Generalized Conjugate Gradient solver. The GCG solver is cut in both EXE and DLL formats and is used to solver nonlinear thermal and strain matrix equations with extreme speed. The GCG solver is nominally x60 faster than today's standard SOR thermal solvers. The GCG code is currently compiled as a DLL (with graphical interface) and enjoys wide success in Harvard Thermal's TAS and PTD product lines.

Rhea OV3D

OV3D stands for Object Viewer 3D. OV3D is a general purpose graphical engine which has a set of exported function calls that allows the user to set the object into memory, set color and dialog parameters. Once the object reside in OV3D, the graphics engine does the rest. The user can performed dynamic rotation, translation,zoom, mouse clipping, cropping, shading and more. OV3D is currently cut as a DLL.

Rhea PMA

PMA stands for Poor Man's Animator and is a general purpose dialog animation tool. With PMA, all that you do is select a dialog and timed variations in the dialog, whether it is a plot or text, are captured and then converted to a standard AVI media file. PMA was recently upgraded to include image cropping so you can animate select areas in a dialog.

Rhea CodeKey

Rhea Codekey a general utility software key utility which is used to issue and control electronic licensing for the Hyperion and Rhea modules. The CodeKey configures itself when it is shelled and run from the primary software module. When this occurs, the module name (example TFS) and version number are automatically loaded into the CodeKey.

Torkel M. Jodalen

P.O. Box 2181 Hoyden
NO-1521 Moss

Web: http://www.win-eqf.com
Email: la6vja@gmail.com


Win-EQF* is a logbook program for amateur radio operators. It's a modern and efficient program, built as a Windows console application. Win-EQF* interfaces with callbooks (CD and internet), the GOWIN QSL manager program, internet or packet-based DX clusters, etc. Rig control, CW keying, rotor control and antenna switching is also supported.


Web: http://www.totusoft.com
Email: sales@totusoft.com

EnCalc 2.2

EnCalc is a small portable windows calculator with Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal, and Octal number systems, Printable & savable colored calculator tape, Loan Calculator, Area & Volume Calculator, Standard & Metric conversions, item count & much more! Very easy to use and visually appealing.
Coset: Free Version (Everything except Loan, Area & volume, & conversions), Full Version: $14.95


555 North Point Center East, 4th Floor
Alpharetta, GA 30022, USA

Web: http://www.usdigicomm.com
Email: info@usdigicomm.com

Multilayer Wall Program

Useful for engineers and scientists analyzing radomes or other electromagnetic windows which protect an antenna from the external environment, this program computes transmission coefficient and insertion phase delay (IPD) versus frequency, angle of incidence relative to the surface normal, and polarization. The inputs to the program include the number of layers, thickness and the electrical parameters of each layer. The results are optionally plotted as transmission loss versus frequency where angle of incidence is taken as a parameter, or IPD versus angle of incidence (0 to 90 degrees) at a fixed frequency. A version of the code in a powerful optimization loop is available which allows transparency optimization at up to three simultaneous frequency bands. MWP $495 or MWP-OPTIMIZER $995

Volker Butzlaff

Buchstrasse 11
D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen

Web: http://www.zentrader.de
Email: info@zentrader.de

Zen Monte Carlo Simulator

The Zen Monte Carlo Simulator is a professional software product for chance evaluation, risk analysis and validation of mechanical trading systems. Technically, it is a lean and very fast Win32 implementation of the well-known Monte Carlo Simulation method. German and English versions are available, as well as an additional Windows DLL component. The two substantial functions are system simulation and data simulation. In the context of the system simulation, available systematical test results are used by a Monte Carlo Simulation stress test. Thus, qualitatively more valuable results concerning the profits, but in particular also concerning expecting account drawdowns are achieved, as this would be possible with conventional linear systematical tests. The data simulation makes it possible to generate synthetic, artificial data, which can be used again for additional alternative systematical tests and the data simulation thus delivers a valuable contribution for validating mechanical trading systems. Euro 238


Web: http://www.x2tek.com
Email: x2tek1@gmail.com

Personal Check Writer

Prints the check data input on a blank check inserted into USB or PARALLEL connected inkjet printer. Saves check data in a check register file. Deposits, hand written check data, and ATM transactions can also be entered into the register file. After cleared transactions have been marked, the bank balance can be calculated. The register file can be searched for any date, payee name, check reason, or check number. Program can calculate average check amounts for a payee name for budget planning. Payee names and check reasons in the register file can be used on a new check being written. Register files can be changed with a text editor such as notepad to correct any errors. Separate register files are maintained for each checking account. Data printout positions can be adjusted and saved in a check format file for each account.

Personal File Shredding Program

Attempts to find all file locations on a drive partition for a file specification like catinfo.* or *.tax Any or all of the located files can be overwritten with 1's, 0's, & random numbers and then deleted.

Personal File Password Security Program

Secures any personal file by encryption with a password. The secured file information can not be viewed or used by an application until it is unsecured with the password. If the root filename of the secured file is changed, the password may not work to unsecure a file without a rename back to the root filename which provides additional file security. Passwords can contain spaces so they can be phrases like "Now is the time to go fishing"

USB Printer DOS Command Utility Program

Allows printing of DOS command screen output on a W32 USB printer.

USB Printer Configuration Program

Issues PCL commands to set the character set, line spacing, character size, and page orientation on a W32 USB or PARALLEL connected printer so a file can be printed with a program bypassing the W32 printer drivers.

USB Printer Programs

For printing files and W32 DOS command screen outputs on USB printers.

Curve Fitting Programs

Calculate equations for curves obtained by plotting a graph of the values of an observed dependent variable Y for known values of the independent variable X. i.e. Y = F(X)
All curve equations created have the general form

  Y = A0 + A1(X) + A2(X2) for X <= XJ
  Y = B0 + B1(X) + B2(X2) for X >= XJ

where XJ is the value of X where the 2 curve sections join together.

Zap Image Solution

8, route du Chateau
Domaine de Rochagnon

+33 (0)476 981 673 Voice
+33 (0) 476 982 034 Fax

Email: pterrier@zapsolution.com


"Skin Engine" 32-bit DLL. The DLL gives you total control over your graphical interface, it changes the whole look of your window applications. It works on all Windows platform from 95 to 2000, and with any language being able to call a standard DLL. WinLIFT comes with several "SDK programming style" examples written in PB/DLL. You can design your own "Skin" or choose one from the available "Skin" list (see the "Skins" section).
Standard Edition $100.00 (Euro 100.00)
Pro Edition $300.00 (Euro 300.00)
Skin Pack $50.00 (Euro 50.00)


Create persistent GRAPHIC CONTROLS. Sprite and 3D animation (OpenGL). Combine bitmap and vectorial objects. Display multiple transparent layers with true alphablending. Create slide show presentation with built-in effects. Use GDI, GDIPLUS and OpenGL altogether. Direct DIB bit manipulation. Antialias and draft mode. Arrow, line, rectangle, ellipse, curve, poligon, polypoligon, true type font. 32-bit ARGB colors. Support for BMP, DIB, EMF, EXIF, GIF, ICON, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF. Unlimited trial version with complete source code examples. Version with full source code is also available.
Standard Edition $195, €150 (v)

GDI+ Helper

A complete graphic package. Use the powerful Microsoft GDIPLUS technology (flat API) to create stunning graphic applications. Built-in support for graphic formats like: BMP, DIB, EMF, EXIF, GIF, ICON, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF. Support capabilities like: 2-D vector graphics. Imaging. Typography. Alphablending. Matrix. Bezier curves. Complex regions. Antialias. Etc. Even write your own painting program! Comes with PICTURE.EXE, a complete graphic application template, where most GDI+ features are explained in detail with fully commented source code. Supports PB/Win and PB/CC compilers. Requires Windows 98 or later. Provided with its complete PB/Win source code.
USD 100, EURO 100


(Full 32-bit multi-user adaptation of the original Joe Vest's B-Tree) Allows a program to work simultaneously with several open indexes. Uses only native Windows API I/O for fast disk access. The engine handles just the index part, allowing you to use any random format to store the data. Provided with its full source code. $100.00

Zippety Software

Web: http://www.zippety.net/
Email: sales@zippety.net

Lynx Project Explorer

Lynx is an external window that snaps to the side of your editor, and provides a treeview map of the files and code elements in your project. Tree entries are hyperlinks, and clicking on them causes your editor to immediately display the clicked-on item. Lynx is hugely customisable, and offers many convenience features, such as New Project Wizard, auto-detect of PowerBASIC compilers, auto-setup of editors, compilation, instant access to PowerBASIC/API Help files, and much, much more. It is Lightning fast too - built 100% with PowerBASIC. Freeware

. .