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bc19f.exe 31 Aug 2001
859 Kb
Beyond Compare® 1.9f is a Windows utility that combines directory compare and file compare functions in one package. Use it to manage source code, keep directories in sync, compare program output, etc. 45-day demo version from Scooter Software.
Depends21_x86.zip 17 Jul 2001
398 Kb
Dependency Walker 2.1 scans any Windows module (EXE, DLL, OCX, SYS, and so on) and builds a tree diagram of all dependent modules, along with a list of functions called in each module. It can catch all dependency types, including dynamic ones that are loaded at runtime. Use it for building setup scripts, analyzing programs, and troubleshooting load problems. Freeware from Dependency Walker.
DirectIO.exe 25 Apr 1999
1382 Kb
A device driver for Windows NT that enables direct hardware access for your existing software without any programming effort on your part.
FPNT310.exe 07 Apr 1999
608 Kb
Prints 2, 4, or 8 document pages from all Windows applications onto a single sheet of paper saving time, and reducing costs for paper and toner. Great for printing drafts, web pages, email, Acrobat (PDF) files, transcripts, source code, contracts, etc.
gzip124xN.zip 23 Aug 1997
61 Kb
gzip 1.2.4 lets you create and extract from Unix-style ".gz" compressed files. Note that this archive contains only gzip.exe -- to get gunzip.exe, you must copy gzip.exe to gunzip.exe (a silly Unix trick-- don't ask). Free GPL ware from The gzip home page.
IconExplorer.zip 03 Nov 1999
272 Kb
Allows you to extract icons from EXE and DLL files on your computer using a Windows Explorer-type interface. You can see all the icons in all the files in a folder, or you can double-click on a file to see the icons in only that file. Then simply tick which icons you want to save, and click on Save! You can select whether you want to save the icons as bitmap or icon files.
NCFTP-3b21.exe 18 Oct 1999
1721 Kb
Command line FTP utilities for uploading/download files over the internet.
NoDefaultQuickEdit.zip 22 Apr 2003
10 Kb
This utility switches off the Windows 2000 and Windows XP default Quick Edit setting that prevents the mouse from being used interactively with both Console and DOS apps that rely on the default console configuration. Includes PB/CC source code. Freeware by Lance C. Edmonds.
OLMenu.zip 06 Oct 1999
47 Kb
Application menu system for Win32 with an "Outlook" look and feel. Created with PB/DLL.
pkze110s.exe 01 Nov 2001
4.5 Mb
PKZIP Explorer 1.1 for Windows. Shareware by PKWARE, Inc.
QInfo15.exe 16 Dec 1998
526 Kb
Quick Info 1.5 utility with telephone country codes, domain suffixes and more.
RegEn01.exe 02 Sep 1998
199 Kb
For programmers who often need to delve into the registry. Aids comparison of values from sibling and sub keys and aids documentation.
RLink32.zip 15 May 2003
16 Kb
RLink links a binary Win32 resource file (.RES) directly to an executable file (.EXE or .DLL). Freeware by Roland Walter.
Setup102.zip 20 Oct 1999
384 Kb
A simple setup Tool to Package your Software. It is easy to configure with Wordpad in a Setup.cfg File. You can create Registry entries, Desktop icon and more.
StampVer.zip 18 Jun 1998
36 Kb
Freeware utility for modifying the Version information in EXE and DLL files. By Paul Dixon.
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