Converting a .RC to a .RES

Using the IDE

Firstly, ensure that the PowerBASIC IDE's OPTIONS dialog is configured to correctly point to the RC.EXE and PBRES.EXE files.  Once configured, the IDE can automatically compile a .RC into a .RES file. When the "Create a .PBR when compiling .RC files" option on the compiler options tab is selected the IDE will also produce a .PBR file from the .RES file.  This is achieved in one simple step: simply load the .RC file into the IDE and select Compile.

Using the command-line Resource Compiler

To compile the .RC file, we need to run the Resource Compiler from a DOS box (command-line) to create the binary (.RES) resource file.

The resource compiler takes the filename of your modified (.RC) resource script file as a parameter, and produces a new 32-bit .RES file.  For example:


Note that you may need to change the path name to suit your individual settings.  At this point, you should have a compiled binary resource file (i.e., MYAPP.RES), ready to be used with the #RESOURCE metastatement.


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