Debugger Preferences

Break on Error

Causes the debugger to stop after every statement to check the error status and then automatically halt program execution when an error occurs (non-zero ERR value).  In debugging with this setting enabled, programmed loop structures with larger iteration counts can reduce debugging speed to unacceptable levels.  For best results, it is instead recommend to enable #DEBUG ERROR ON in your program instead of this option.

Animate Delay

The debugger's Animate debug mode pauses for at least the given amount of time before execution of the next line of code occurs.  Animation is very useful for watching the general flow of a program.  The delay is specified in milliseconds (mSec).  The larger the delay value, the greater the delay between execution of lines of code.  The default value is set for 333 milliseconds (1/3 of a second).

Show Exceptions

Choose the exceptions (Success, Informational, Warning, Error) you want the debugger to display.