END statement 


Terminate program immediately.


END [nErrorLevel&]


Normally, PowerBASIC programs are terminated when you exit the PBMAIN or WINMAIN() function.  It should always be your goal to end programs in this fashion, so that the compiler and the operating system can do everything possible to leave things in an orderly state.

The END statement is an alternative termination method which should only be used in limited circumstances.  It may be helpful in emergency situations, such as a fatal error like "out of memory".  It's also useful (temporarily) in the conversion of DOS programs, just for the sake of compatibility.  However, once conversion is complete, you should eliminate it as soon as possible.

The optional nErrorLevel& value has an effective range of 0 to 255. Batch files may act on the result through the IF [NOT] ERRORLEVEL batch command.


END is intended only for temporary use in converting DOS programs to Windows.  You should convert it to the standard EXIT FUNCTION method as soon as possible.  It should be avoided while any COM objects are active.

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