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Every PowerBASIC command is listed alphabetically, as a separate topic.  Each entry contains a brief explanation of what the command does, a description of its syntax, clarifying remarks and restrictions, plus examples of use.  The examples are designed to be indicative of syntax and usage only.

The syntax section of each entry describes the available options and format each command may use, as follows:


Indicates areas within commands that you need to fill in with application-specific information, such as variable names, procedure names, numeric or string values, etc.  For example:

y = VAL(string_expression)


Indicates part of the command must be entered exactly as shown.  For example:


Brackets [ ]

Indicates the information they enclose is optional.  For example:

SEEK [#] filenum&, position&&

If the brackets enclose multiple items, any number of them may be omitted.  When one is omitted, all following items in that group must also be omitted.  For example:

CON.SCROLL.UP([Lines [,row1, col1 [,row2, col2]]])

Brackets with vertical bar [ | ]

Indicates a choice of two or more options.  You may choose one or none.

 #BREAK [ON|+ | OFF|-]

Braces with vertical bar { | }

Indicates a choice of two or more options, one of which MUST be used.  For example:



Indicates that part of the command can be repeated as many times as required.  For example:

MACRO macroname [(prm1, prm2, ... )] = replacementtext


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