GRAPHIC SET CLIP statement  


Establishes margins around the outer edges of the graphic target.


GRAPHIC SET CLIP LeftMargin!, TopMargin!, RightMargin!, BottomMargin!


This statement establishes margins on any or all sides of the graphic target.  All subsequent graphic operations are "clipped" on these boundaries, so that no additional text or graphics are displayed in these protected areas.  However, the margins are not erased, so anything already written in these areas will remain unchanged.

Each of the 4 parameters is specified in the PAGE UNITS currently in effect.  However, as this statement changes the target space available to you, the page units are immediately set to pixels.  The upper left corner of the clip area is now addressed as point (0,0), while the right and bottom limits are reduced by the size of the margins.  If you would prefer to use Scaled Page Units for this revised clip area, you must execute a new GRAPHIC SCALE.

GRAPHIC SET CLIP is particularly useful for displaying text, where enclosing "white space" improves the appearance a good deal.

You can disable a clip area by executing GRAPHIC SET CLIP 0,0,0,0.

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