MCASE$ function


Return a mixed case version of its string argument.


s$ = MCASE$(string_expression [,ANSI | OEM])


Forces the string_expression contents to mixed case.  The first letter of each word is capitalized, while the remaining characters are converted to lowercase.  A "word" is construed as a consecutive series of letters - any character that is not a letter is not considered part of a word.

The optional ANSI or OEM parameter specifies whether string_expression is converted to mixed case using the ANSI or OEM charset. If no charset option is selected, then the Console’s current OEM charset is used to convert string_expression to mixed case. The PowerBASIC Compiler for Windows defaults to using the systems ANSI charset to convert string_expression. Only "International" characters in the range CHR$(128) to CHR$(255) are affected by the charset parameter.

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x$ = MCASE$("Cats aren't AL.WAYS good.")


Cats Aren'T Al.Ways Good.