This topic describes the options available to customize the output of the source code generated by the PowerBASIC COM Browser.


Always use an Interface Prefix

This option prefixes all Interface names with the text specified in the Interface Prefix textbox. This is useful when using multiple type libraries in a project and there are conflicts with duplicate Interface names.

Only When the Interface contains an illegal name

This option prefixes Interface names, only when they contain illegal characters or conflict with a reserved keyword.

Interface Prefix

This is the prefix used for Interface names.

Prefix ProgIDs,ClassIds, and IIds with Library Name

This option will prefix ClassIDs, ProgIDs, and IIDs with the library name. This option is used when you have multiple type libraries with conflicting names in one application.

Use ANSI strings

This option will generate string parameters and return values using ANSI strings instead of the preferred Unicode strings. This option should be used when the COM server was written using only ANSI strings, such as COM servers created with PowerBASIC 9 For Windows.

Use Singular Enumerations

Allows enumeration member names to be referenced by just the member name with a percent (%) prepended. Without this option enumeration members would be referenced with a percent (%) , the ENUM name, and a period prepended.

Generate Dispatch Interfaces only

This option generates Dispatch Interface's only for the purposes of IDBinding to a Dispatch COM Interface. Custom only Interfaces will be skipped when this option is used.

Include Parameter Names

This option generates Method and Property statements without any parameters names. This is useful when the type libraries Method and Property parameter names conflict with code used in your program.

Use Property Get/Set statements

This option will generate Property Get/Set statements in the generated source code. A Property is a special type of Method, which is only used to set or retrieve data in an object. The use of Property Get/Set statements is the preferred syntax as it improved readability of the source code.

Use Method statements

This option will convert Property Get/Set statements to Method statements in the generated source code. This option is useful when the type library Property Get or Set definition contains an error and the use of a Method statement can usually resolve the type library error. This option is not available when you have the Generate Dispatch Interfaces only.

Wrap Line Position

When generating source code, The PowerBASIC COM Browser wraps long lines of code (using standard PowerBASIC line continuation characters) when they reach the wrap column indicated in this field.

Tab Size

The number of spaces that Tab characters are expanded to in the generated source code.


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