Divider Line

One thing that is immediately obvious after adding the new menu is that a gray menu visually detracts from the pleasant light-blue background color of the dialog. To minimize this effect, we'll add a divider line to separate the menu from the dialog client area.

To create this divider line, double-click the Line control button image\bm35.gif in the toolbox window. This adds a line control immediately below the "Quit" button (which was the last control we added to the dialog).

Since we know precisely where the Line control is to be located on the dialog (at the very top) and what its size should be (the full dialog width), it might be faster to manually set the control's position and size properties, as opposed to the click/drag operations we used earlier.

To position and size the Line control, open the Line Properties dialog, and set both of the x and y coordinates to zero (0), and set the width to 300 dialog units, with a height of 1 dialog unit. Once these have been set, click Ok (or press the ENTER key) to return to design mode.