GRAPHIC control styles



Send %STN_CLICKED and %STN_DBLCLK notification messages to the Callback Function when the user clicks or double-clicks the control.


Draw a half-sunken border around the control.


Add a thin line border around the control.


Create a control that is initially disabled. A disabled frame control is displayed with grayed text.


Define the start of a group of controls. The first control in each group should also use %WS_TABSTOP style. The next %WS_GROUP control in the tab order defines the end of this group and the start of a new group. Groups configured this way permit the arrow keys to shift focus between the controls within the group, and focus can jump from group to groups with the usual TAB and SHIFT+TAB keys. Both tab stops and groups are permitted to wrap from the end of the tab order back to the start.


Allow the checkbox control to receive keyboard focus when the user presses the TAB and SHIFT+TAB keys. The TAB key shifts keyboard focus to the next control with the %WS_TABSTOP style, and SHIFT+TAB shifts focus to the previous control with %WS_TABSTOP. (default)


Extended Styles


Apply a sunken edge border to the control.


The control has a double border.


Apply a three-dimensional border style to the control (intended to be used for items that do not accept user input).


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