Interface Explorer Overview

The Interface Explorer project is intended to be a useful tool aimed at assisting the budding COM programmer obtain an understanding of the relationship between Interfaces in a COM Server library. Firstly, it should be noted that we will not be discussing any significant aspect of COM programming theory here since COM programming theory can be found in the main PowerBASIC on-line help. However, a brief specification of the user interface of the project design is required, to enable us to start creating the application framework.

Briefly, the application is to consist of a "main" dialog containing a tree-like display of COM Interfaces and Members for a COM library, an Options dialog to customize the tree display, and finally an About dialog box. We'll also customize the font and coloring of controls to give the project a more pleasing appearance than a typical gray dialog offers.

When we conclude this chapter, the complete framework for the Interface Explorer project will be complete, leaving just the "functionality" of the application to be added into the framework. Since that involves nothing more that normal programming practices, we will only be discussing the user interface design of the project in this document. However, you can find both the framework and the completed project in the \PBWin70\Samples\Interface Explorer folder installed with PowerBASIC for Windows.

With those details in mind, let's begin by launching PowerBASIC Forms.


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