Interface Explorer walk through

Up to this point, we have discussed the user interface and general theory of creating an application framework with PowerBASIC Forms. In this section, we'll run through the creation of a real-world project that we'll name Interface Explorer.

Before we start, it should be noted that the written description of the walk through process might make the process of dialog design appear more complex than it really is. The PowerBASIC Forms visual design environment has been created for ease of use without compromising the ability to design great user interfaces, so with this in mind, lets start the walk through.


Step 1:

Interface Explorer Overview

Step 2:

The main dialog

Step 3:

Adding child controls

Step 4:

Setting the Tab Order

Step 5:

Add a menu

Step 6:

Divider line

Step 7:

Test mode

Step 8:

Adding the Options and About dialogs

Step 9:

Setting the dialog launch order

Step 10:

Closing the dialogs


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