Code Generation options


Tab Size


The number of spaces that Tab characters are expanded to in the generated BASIC source code. The default is 4 characters.


As per DDT, but for RC file source code.


Code Options

Include Header Comment

Enables or disables the standard PowerBASIC Forms header in new project files or those saved with the Save As New option.

Include Code Comments

Enables or disables the standard PowerBASIC Forms comments that are inserted with generated code. This includes "separator" lines, and code description lines, etc, but does not disable comments that accompany new CASE statements inserted into the Callback Functions of existing projects.

Insert new CASE blocks

Enables or disables the insertion of CASE <window message> handler blocks as well as CASE <control ID> handler blocks for controls that have been added to existing projects. When enabled, CASE <control ID> handlers are also inserted for existing controls that are lacking a CASE handler.


Enables or disables the definition of the %USEMACROS equate in generated code. Libraries such as the COMMCTRL.INC file use this equate in conditional compilation metastatements to determine whether the project can use Macros Functions or the standard Functions are used by the compiler. If Include %USEMACROS is checked, generated code (and any manually-written code added to the project) will also need to use of the Macros in COMMCTRL.INC, rather than its Functions.

Add Win XP Look/Feel

Applies the Windows XP look and feel theme to generated code, if running under Windows XP. If using this option you should also apply the Win XP Look/Feel option on the General tab so that Dialogs and Controls appear in Design mode the same as they would when running the application. Note: Some controls



Wrap Line Position

When generating source code, PowerBASIC Forms wraps long lines of code (using standard PowerBASIC line continuation characters) when they reach the wrap column indicated in this field. The default is 80 columns, with a minimum of 60 columns, and a maximum of 240 columns.


The equates listed in the equate definition table located near the top of a generated project can be sorted by Name, Value, or in the "natural" order in which they are created. This option uses a drop-down list from which to select the sort method.

Display Import Results

When importing data or opening an existing file, PowerBASIC Forms can display a list of statistics on the data it parsed from the file/data. The statistics include the number of ID Names, resources, dialogs and controls, menu items, accelerators, string table items, and version blocks.

Display on Reload

PowerBASIC Forms can display the project statistics on a project every time it is reloaded into the PowerBASIC Forms design engine, either when opening the file at the start of a new session, or when PowerBASIC Forms detects the loaded project file has changed on disk (for example, as a result of editing the project in the PowerBASIC for Windows IDE).


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