Adding controls to a work dialog

Once a PowerBASIC Forms work dialog has been created, controls can be added to the work dialog in two ways:

  1. By double-clicking the icon of the desired control in the toolbox window. PowerBASIC Forms automatically creates the control on the work dialog (assigning it the default size and style for the type of control). The new control is positioned immediately below the currently selected control, or if none are selected, the control is positioned immediately below the control last added to the dialog. The automatic positioning feature is very useful for creating columns of matching controls, such as Buttons, Option buttons, Checkboxes, etc.

  2. By single-clicking the control's icon in the toolbox window, then click+drag on the work dialog to "draw" the control onto the dialog. This feature allows you to manually choose the position and size of the control.

Once a control has been added to the work dialog, it can be resized and moved, and its properties may be adjusted. The next topic discusses resizing of controls.


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