Handling new vs. existing files

PowerBASIC Forms differentiates between the creation of new files, and the editing of existing files. In this topic we review the most important differences between these two modes of operation, and then discuss each topic in more depth in the following topics.


New files

When a project is initially created in PowerBASIC Forms, the entire project is held in memory. Saving the new project at any time during the initial creation session does not change the mode of operation until the file is closed, or PowerBASIC Forms is terminated. This allows any number of saves to be performed during the initial creation session. Each time a project is saved for the session, PowerBASIC Forms generates the complete application framework, overwriting any previous save.


Existing files

When an existing file is opened by PowerBASIC Forms (and the file is recognized as a PowerBASIC Forms creation), PowerBASIC Forms will only save subsequent changes to the project within the named blocks in the project file. This strategy ensures that manually added or edited code outside of the named blocks is preserved by PowerBASIC Forms.

For more information, please be sure to read the following two topics: Saving and editing a new project and Opening existing project code.


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