ID Name Prefix options


The ID Name Prefixes page features a listview control that includes a list of prefix strings that are used by PowerBASIC Forms to prefix the automatic ID Name equates that PowerBASIC Forms generates in design mode. For example, the default prefix for ID Names assigned to menu items is "%IDM_". This options page allows you to modify the default prefixes.

To change a prefix, either double-click the item in the listview control, or navigate the selection bar with the cursor keys and then press the SPACE key to enter edit mode. In either case, this brings up the Edit ID Name Prefix dialog, as follows:

When editing the prefixes, care should be taken to ensure all prefix strings are prefixed with the percent (%) character. Additionally, each prefix string should be 8 characters or less. Invalid characters are removed automatically from the prefix strings.


OK, Cancel

Logically, the OK button confirms and saves all changes to the Options dialog, and the Cancel button discards any changes that have been made.


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