Introduction to PowerBASIC Forms

Welcome to PowerBASIC Forms - the ultimate tool for the Graphical User Interface (GUI) programmer using PowerBASIC for Windows.

PowerBASIC Forms is a visual design tool for Rapid Application Development (RAD). PowerBASIC Forms enables programmers to quickly and easily design the user interface of their applications, starting with the dialogs and their controls, right through to menus, keyboard accelerators, and version resources.

At its heart, PowerBASIC Forms offers a powerful visual dialog designer with a built-in test mode. PowerBASIC Forms second strength is its ability to generate pure compilable Dynamic Dialog Tools (DDT) code that can be saved to disk or the clipboard, to be loaded or pasted into the PowerBASIC for Windows Integrated Development Environment (IDE), ready for compilation. This code can also be edited in the IDE (to add the functionality or "meat" of the program), and then imported back into PowerBASIC Forms for subsequent changes to the UI design, without destroying the manually created code.


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