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In design mode, Cut copies the currently selected control(s) from the work dialog to the clipboard, and deletes the original from the dialog. Useful for moving controls between dialogs. Also see Adding and manipulating controls.


Like Cut, but leaves the original control(s) intact. Useful for creating copies of an existing control. Also see Adding and manipulating controls.


Copies the control(s) on the clipboard into the current work dialog. The original ID Name and ID Value is automatically "incremented" by PowerBASIC Forms in order to create a unique control ID.


Deletes the currently selected control(s). ID Names and ID Values are not destroyed, and may be reassigned to another control. To remove unused/unwanted ID Names and ID Values from the project, use the Order By Use or the Delete options in the ID Editor.

Select All

Selects all controls on the current dialog to form a group. A group can be moved, copied/cut, and pasted.

Send To Back

Sends the currently selected control to the bottom of the z-order on the design mode dialog, enabling access to overlaid controls such Option controls, etc. Frame and Line controls are automatically sent to the bottom of the z-order.


Brings up the Properties dialog for the current control or dialog. See Dialog and control properties.


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