Dialog and control properties

Every control on a work dialog, including the dialog itself, is assigned a set of properties. These properties determine how the control (or dialog) appears on the screen, and how each control reacts to user-interaction, etc. Default properties are automatically assigned upon creating a dialog and creating new controls,but these can be customized as required using the Properties dialog.

There are several ways to open the properties dialog for a dialog or control, in order to review or edit styles:

  1. Double-click the target control or a blank section of the work dialog,

  2. Select the control normally, and then press Enter,

  3. Select the control or dialog normally, then press F4,

  4. Select the control or dialog, then use the Properties item on the Edit menu,

  5. Right-click on the control or dialog, then use the Properties item on the context menu.

Once displayed, you can change the various properties within the Properties dialog box as desired. Descriptions of the Properties dialog follow.


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