Saving a project

At the minimum, a PowerBASIC Forms project can consist of nothing but a Version Info resource, however, it is most common for a project to include at least one dialog, and often a menu, and maybe an accelerator table.

PowerBASIC Forms has been designed to facilitate project editing long after the initial project design session. Therefore, by observing a few simple guidelines when editing the generated code, PowerBASIC Forms project files can be reopened and edited in PowerBASIC Forms at any time in the future as project development takes shape.

Importantly, PowerBASIC Forms saves its generated source-code files as standard .BAS files that are 100% compatible with PowerBASIC for Windows source code syntax, and therefore the generated code can be manually edited and fine-tuned in the PowerBASIC for Windows IDE.

PowerBASIC Forms also saves any resource script files the project may require (for example, containing Version Info blocks, bitmap and icon resources, etc), and automatically compiles the .RC files to create .PBR files at the same time. The overall result is a set of project files that are in a "ready-to-compile" state.


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