Setting the Tab Order

At this point, it is a good idea to review the Tab Order for the controls on the dialog. Open the Tab Order Editor using the toolbar button image\bm79.gif (or use the Tools | Tab Order Editor menu item, or the CTRL+SHIFT+T hot-key).

Arrange the controls in the following order:


Control Order

LABEL (Interface Tree) 1


LABEL (Status) 3

LABEL (<empty>) 4

BUTTON (Options) 5

BUTTON (Open File) 6

BUTTON (Cancel) 7


At this point, we have the majority of the framework for the main application dialog complete. To complete the appearance, we need to add a little color. Using the Properties dialog for each control in turn, set the colors for the following controls:


Control Fore Back

LABEL (Interface Tree) White Blue

LABEL (Status) White Blue

LABEL (<empty>) Black R255,G255,B222


The last color in the table above is a custom color. This is set using the standard color selection dialog that the More button on the standard color selection dialog presents.

Using the same custom color selection technique, set the dialog's background color to R132,G207,B253.