Debugger Toolbar Buttons


Create a new empty document (file) in the editor.


Use the Open File dialog box to load an existing document.


Print the current document to a printer.


Copy the selected text from the document to the clipboard.


Search the current document for a word or phrase.  See Find dialog for more information.


Launch the Go to Line dialog to jump to a specific line in the current document.


Launch the Code Finder dialog, which presents a list of Subs, Functions, Methods, Properties, and Macros in current document, to quickly jump to a selected section of code.

Begin running the program.  It will continue to run until the debugger either encounters a breakpoint, or runs out of code to execute.  F5 is the hot-key for the Run option.

The debugger runs the program using an automated Step-Into technique.  Execution continues until a breakpoint is reached, the Stop button is pressed, or the program completes.  The Animate delay can be set through the IDE's Options Dialog.

The debugger executes the current line of code.  If the line contains a reference to a Sub, Function, Method, or Property, the debugger executes that code without tracing into the procedure.  SHIFT+F8 is the Step Over hot-key.

If the current line contains a call to a Sub, Function, Method, or Property, the debugger traces execution into that procedure.  You cannot step into an API call, or into an external module.  F8 is the Step Into hot-key.

The debugger runs the code until the current Sub, Function, Method, or Property exits.  If the current function is PBMAIN or WINMAIN, the code is executed until the program is finished or another breakpoint is encountered.  CTRL+SHIFT+F8 is the Step Out hot-key.

Halt the debugger.  If the debugger is already halted, this has no effect.

Show or hide the Register Watcher window, which lets you see the state of the CPU registers and flags when debugging.


Show or hide the Variable Watcher window, which lets you see the state of the ERR function and any variables you choose to watch when debugging.

Halts the current program and terminates the debugger.  The variable list in the Watch window is retained between debugging sessions, until the IDE is closed.

Launches the PowerBASIC web site.


Display the PowerBASIC or the WIN32.HLP file.


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