Defining Constants

PB/Win constants (also known as equates) are defined by prefixing the name of the constant with a "%" character.  MSBASIC and VB define constants with the CONST keyword.  The MSBASIC/VB compiler then does type conversions at the point of use, if the constant's type was not specified.  That overhead does not happen (and is not necessary) with PB/Win.  String equates are specified with a leading "$" character.

However, the MACRO facilities in PB/Win offer a way to retain the CONST syntax in your code, while maintaining the low overhead advantage of PowerBASIC.  For example:



CONST Something = 1&

CONST Something_Else = 2???

CONST AppTitle = "My Application"


MSGBOX FORMAT$(Something), ,AppTitle

During compilation, the CONST keyword is replaced by the MACRO word, which dynamically creates a new macro that, in turn, defines a constant.


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