IDE Code Finder Dialog Box

The Code Finder Dialog works from within the editor and debugger, presenting a list of Subs, Functions, Methods, Properties, and Macros in all the loaded document files.  The list is presented in a grid-like style, and the list can be sorted.  To jump to a code section shown in the list, double click the item, or select the item with the arrow keys, and press the ENTER key.

Columns in the Code Finder list can be sorted simply by clicking on the appropriate Column Header.  The first click on Header sorts the list in ascending order.  Each subsequent click reverses the sort order for that column.


The list of code sections available.

Find in All Files

Lists code sections from all loaded documents and not just the currently selected document.


The editor or debugger jumps to the item selected in the list, if any.


The dialog is dismissed without any change in position in the document.


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