IDE Context Menu

When editing a file in the PowerBASIC IDE, a popup context menu is available by right-clicking the mouse within the edit window.  The available content of the menu is automatically determined by position and text located at the point where the context menu is activated.  The full context menu looks like this:


Delete the currently selected block of text.


Copy the currently selected block of text to the clipboard, and delete the highlighted block from the file.


Copy the currently selected block of text to the clipboard.

Copy as BBCode

Copy text to the clipboard as BB Code for posting in the PowerBASIC Forums.


Paste the contents of the clipboard into the current file.

Insert File

Insert a document (file) at the caret position in the current document.

Select Line

Select (highlight) the complete line at the context-menu point.

Select Block

Select (highlight) a complete block of code.  This menu item is available when the context menu is activated on the first line of a formal block.  Formal blocks include those that begin with the #PBFORMS metastatement (PB/Win only), the FOR/NEXT and SELECT CASE blocks, plus the usual CALLBACK, CLASS,  INTERFACE, FUNCTION, METHOD, PROPERTY, SUB, TYPE, and UNION statements.

Select All

Select all the text in the current document.

Insert GUID

Inserts a new unique GUID at the current insertion point.

Run to Caret

Run the program until execution reaches the current caret position (debug mode only).

Watch Variable

Add the variable at the current caret position to the Variable Watcher window (or remove it, if itís already there).  The Variable Watcher window is visible only in debug mode.

Evaluate Variable

Evaluate or modify the variable at the current caret position (debug mode only).

Toggle Bookmark

Add or remove a bookmark at the current caret position.

Toggle Breakpoint

Add or remove a breakpoint at the current caret position.  Breakpoints only work in debug mode.


Launch context-sensitive help.  If the context menu point is on a PowerBASIC keyword, the appropriate topic is displayed in the PowerBASIC help file.  If the context point is not a recognized keyword, the WIN32.HLP file is launched instead.  This feature is useful for context-sensitive help on both reserved keywords, and API functions and data structures, etc.

Open Include File

Open the file indicated in the #INCLUDE metastatement at the context menu point.  The item is only enabled when the context menu point is targeting an #INCLUDE metastatement.  Open File works even if the #INCLUDE metastatement is commented out.

Close File

Closes the current document.


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