INPUTBOX$ function


INPUTBOX$ displays a dialog box containing a prompt. INPUTBOX$ waits for the user to enter text, and accept or cancel the dialog. INPUTBOX$ returns the contents of the text box.


sResult$ = INPUTBOX$(prompt$ [[, title$], default$] [, xpos%, ypos%])


Prompt$ is the text prompt displayed in the Inputbox dialog.

Title$ is the caption for the Inputbox dialog and is optional.

Default$ is the default result text displayed in the edit section of the Inputbox dialog, and is optional.

xpos% and ypos% specify the location on the screen to display the Inputbox, in dialog units. If these are not specified, the Inputbox dialog is centered on the screen.


The returned string value is limited to 255 characters.

See also

MSGBOX function, MSGBOX statement, TXT pseudo-object


sResult$ = INPUTBOX$("Enter your Name",, "Jane Doe")