MCASE$ function


Return a mixed case version of its string argument.


s$ = MCASE$(string_expression [,ANSI | OEM])


MCASE$ returns a string equivalent to string_expression, except that the first letter of each word is capitalized, while the remaining characters are forced to lowercase.  A word is considered to be a  consecutive series of letters. The optional ANSI or OEM parameter specifies whether the conversion is made using the ANSI charset for the system, or the original IBM OEM charset.  If no charset is specified, PowerBASIC for Windows uses the system ANSI charset, while PB/CC uses the IBM OEM charset.  Only "International" characters in the range of CHR$(128) to CHR$(255) are affected by this parameter.

The OEM charset is based upon the original IBM OEM charset to ensure compatibility with programs written for all previous versions of the PowerBASIC compiler.

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x$ = MCASE$("Cats aren't AL.WAYS good.")


Cats Aren'T Al.Ways Good.