Running PB/Win From The Command Prompt

Run PBWIN.EXE from the command prompt, using a command-line with the following syntax:

PBWIN.EXE [/Ipath] [/L] [/Q] [/Cfilename] FileName

…where FileName is the name of the source file to compile. If you just type PBWIN (omitting FileName), you'll get a dialog box asking for the name of the file to compile.

PowerBASIC first attempts to open the source file using the FileName specified. If the file cannot be opened and FileName does not have an explicit .BAS extension, PowerBASIC appends .BAS to the specified file name, and attempts to open that file. If FileName is a Long File Name (LFN) or contains spaces, it must be enclosed in quotes.

PowerBASIC also supports Long File Names in all metastatements, for example:



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