Error 57 - Device I/O error

Device I/O error - (%ERR_DEVICEIOERROR) - A hardware problem occurred when trying to carry out some device-orientated command.

For example, a COMM connection was lost during a session, or a TCP/UDP statement failed to be connected, etc.  Alternatively, a TCP/UDP port may have been closed unexpectedly or the network refused the connection requested.

If an ERROR 57 occurs with a TCP OPEN statement under Windows 98 when using a dotted IP address string (i.e., "202.123.456.1"), then check to ensure that "Client for Microsoft Networks" is installed in the Network applet in Control Panel.  Alternatively, manually add a DNS entry in the HOSTS file in the \WINDOWS folder.

For example, add the following line into the HOSTS file, and change the TCP OPEN statement to use the (dummy) domain name instead of the dotted IP address: