#PBFORMS metastatement


Compiler directive to mark named blocks of generated PowerBASIC Forms code.


#PBFORMS named_block_marker


#PBFORMS metastatements are generated by the PowerBASIC Forms™ visual design tool, and placed automatically into the generated source code. #PBFORMS metastatements identify named blocks of code that have special meaning to both the compiler and the PowerBASIC Forms™ visual design tool.

#PBFORMS metastatements should not be removed or utilized - they should only be created and positioned by PowerBASIC Forms™. For more information, please refer to the documentation supplied with PowerBASIC Forms™.

PowerBASIC Forms™ is a visual design environment that enables rapid visual design of GUI application dialogs. PowerBASIC Forms generates compilable Dynamic Dialog Tools (DDT) source code, directly from the dialogs created in the designer. PowerBASIC Forms product information can be found at http://www.powerbasic.com/products/pbforms.

An example PowerBASIC Forms™ template and completed project can be found in the PB\SAMPLES\DDT\INTERFACE EXPLORER folder installed with PowerBASIC for Windows.