Introducing PowerBASIC For Windows 10
What's New
Running PB/Win
The PowerBASIC Integrated Development Environment
Writing Programs in PB/Win
Creating Dynamic Link Libraries
Creating Static Link Libraries
Debugging PB/Win Programs
Data Types
Variables and Variable Scope
Errors and Error Trapping
Dynamic Dialog Tools (DDT)
Serial Communications
TCP and UDP Communications
Objects and COM Programming
    What is an object, anyway?
    Where are objects located?
    Why should I use objects?
    What are the parts of an object?
    Are there other important "Buzz-Words"?
    What does a Class look like?
    What is a Base Class?
    What does an Interface look like?
    Just what is COM?
    What is a COM component?
    How do you publish an object?
    What is inheritance?
    How do you create an object?
    How do you duplicate an object variable?
    How do you call a Direct Method?
    What is a Compound Object Reference?
    What is an hResult?
    How do you register a COM Component?
    What is a Class Method?
    What are Constructors and Destructors?
    What is DISPATCH?
    Late Binding
    ID Binding
    Creating a DISPATCH Object
    How do you call a DISPATCH METHOD?
    What are Connection Points?
    Enumerating Collections
    What are Type Libraries?
    How are GUID's used with objects?
    Built-in Interfaces
The PowerBASIC COM Browser
The Inline Assembler
Resource Files
Working with Visual Basic
Optimizing your code
Keyword Reference