Introducing PowerBASIC For Windows 10
What's New
Running PB/Win
The PowerBASIC Integrated Development Environment
Writing Programs in PB/Win
Creating Dynamic Link Libraries
Creating Static Link Libraries
Debugging PB/Win Programs
Data Types
Variables and Variable Scope
Errors and Error Trapping
Dynamic Dialog Tools (DDT)
Serial Communications
TCP and UDP Communications
Objects and COM Programming
The PowerBASIC COM Browser
The Inline Assembler
    The Inline Assembler
    Using assembly-language in your code
    Inline Assembler code syntax
    Flat memory model
    Protected mode programming
    Mnemonics and Operands
    Opcodes and Mnemonics
    Data types in Registers
    MMX registers
    The Stack
    Balancing the stack
    Tricks of the stack
    Stack Overhead Reduction
    Saving registers
    Saving Registers at the Procedure level
    Intermixing ASM and BASIC code
    Using ESP and EBP
    Saving the FPU registers
    Tricks in preserving registers
    Addressing and pointers
    Effective Addressing
    Passing parameters
    Parameters passed by reference or by copy
    Parameters passed by value
    Passing arrays
    Passing dynamic strings
    Accessing PowerBASIC variables by name
    Commenting Assembly code
Resource Files
Working with Visual Basic
Optimizing your code
Keyword Reference