One of the rewards of writing PowerBASIC compilers is people taking time from their busy schedules to tell me what PowerBASIC is helping them accomplish. Christopher Becker recently sent me email about the impressive things he is accomplishing, and even included some great photos. He has given us permission to share his words with all of you.

Bob, I've been using PowerBASIC for a few years. Love it. I know you've heard lots of success stories. Here's another.
I'm in a remote worksite on a cliff overlooking the world's largest instrumented military range on the rural westside of Kauai, Hawaii. I've attached some photos of our worksite on the "Edge of the World". I work for a defense contractor on the upgrade and modernization of a US Navy surveillance radar system. photo
Recently, our engineers needed to take data from a Third Party data collection system and pump the data to another site. Long story short, a very experienced senior software engineer assigned the job to a junior software engineer. He told him to use virtual Unix domain sockets and some other techniques that sounded complex and confusing. No progress was being made, so I stepped in and inserted a tiny call in the Third Party software on a Windows machine.

The call was to a PowerBASIC EXE that sent the COMMAND$ string outbound via UDP. It took less than two days from concept to demonstration (had to schedule radar time). aThe final PowerBASIC source code was less than 2k and it's bulletproof. Other software engineers -- including experienced coders with graduate degrees -- were astonished that I could complete the task so easily and quickly. PowerBASIC is indeed a secret weapon. photo
So there you go -- PowerBASIC to the rescue... again!
- Christopher P. Becker FSO/ISSM

Isn't that great? *smile* Thank you, Christopher!

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