PowerTree for Windows

If you like "smaller and faster" then PowerTree is just what you need! PowerTree is a fast B+Tree manager for Windows that can index more than two billion records with no limitations on the type of data file.


With PowerTree, anything is possible...


PowerTree manages indexes to data. Any data. Any format. Any usage. PowerTree offers a concise, proprietary implementation of the highly effective B+Tree algorithm for indexed data management. Create one index or many. Use one data file, or many, always in the format of your choice. There are no arbitrary limitations. Retrieve data sequentially, by exact match, or approximation. One user, or hundreds, all with safety and reliability.


PowerTree is FAST! Index and search thousands of records in seconds. PowerTree is SMALL! But don't let that fool you... The amazing module size just means that you won't need a stack of CDs to distribute your application. The days of fat database BloatWare are over!


PowerTree creates compatible indexes for DOS, Win16, and Win32. Access one set of files on any of the three platforms. With no limitation on file format, any type of database can be indexed. With no limitation on keys, any number can be utilized, simple or compound. And with easy, automatic locking, multi-user and multi-threaded applications are a breeze!


Best of all, PowerTree is easy to implement. There are only fourteen functions to learn, not hundreds, like the others. Create or open an index. Add a new entry. Delete or search for an entry. Find the first, last, next or previous entry. It's just that easy! And in Windows, the DLL interface is industry standard, for immediate, effective use with virtually any programming language.


With PowerTree, anything is possible...


There are no royalties nor fees for distribution with your application.



System Requirements

  • 386 or higher processor
  • Any version of Windows from Windows 3.x through Windows 10
  • Any Windows programming language that supports DLLs
  • Internet connection for electronic delivery
  • 3.7MB available for installation