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Powerful Debugging! Our compilers are so fast, an interpreter for debugging is unnecessary. An integrated debugger works in conjunction with the PowerBASIC editor and is part of the PowerBASIC environment! Set breakpoints and display the value of variables or set watch and see how variable values change as your program executes!
Integrated Development Environment! Color syntax highlighting with selectable colors, fonts, and choice of keyword case. Printed listings in color, again with your choice of fonts. Mouse wheel scrolling. Untold levels of undo. Better debugging, with intuitive watch/unwatch variable selections. Code Finder ListView shows Sub/Function/Method/Property names, aliases, type, and line number. You can sort on any column, in either direction, and change the column order in a flash. All this, and even more, make the IDE a joy to use.




Click me! PowerBASIC Compiler for Windows   PowerBASIC Forms  
PowerBASIC for Windows creates applications with a Graphical User Interface (GUI), to provide the typical "Look and Feel" of Windows. This is a native code compiler for all versions of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows 7. It creates highly efficient EXEs and industry-standard DLLs, with Regular Expressions, multi-threading, a built-in Assembler, a full Macro facility, Create client COM applications and COM components using Dispatch, Direct, Automation, or Dual interfaces, and much more. The machine code generated by PowerBASIC is among the best in the industry, both in terms of size and execution speed. It compares most favorably with leading compilers of any dialect, including Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, Fortran, and others. With PowerBASIC, you'll end BloatWare forever!
Use this complete, self-contained, visual design environment along with PowerBASIC for Windows. Design user-interfaces in record time. Easily "drag and drop" controls, select fonts, colors, styles, just the way you want them. Import forms from Visual Basic, Visual Studio, or even hand-written DDT. Includes a menu editor, tab order editor, even a version resource editor. Without this product, you're working too hard!

"Just thought to drop you a line to say that the latest version of PowerBASIC for Windows is indeed great. I particularly like the small EXE sizes it generates which can be easily shared, and the speed of execution of compiled code continues to amaze me."

- Gunar Zagars  

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Click me! PowerBASIC Console Compiler
Create applications that run in the Console (the "DOS box") under Windows. It's as straightforward as programming for DOS, yet gets you beyond those DOS limitations. Finally you CAN use gigabytes and gigaabytes of memory (yes HUGE arrays) - because this is a Windows compiler! Nearly six times faster than the best DOS Basic around! The high degree of source code compatibility with PowerBASIC, QuickBasic, GW-BASIC and BASICA makes it easy to port existing DOS applications to run under Windows 95 through Windows 7 and more.

"I recently bought the PowerBASIC Console Compiler for Windows. Great deal, and what a powerful package. I like it!"

- Ron Schwartz, Pension Actuary, RKS Consultants, Inc.  


Click me! PowerBASIC Compiler for DOS
  PowerTree B+ Tree Manager  
PC Magazine's Editor's Choice! (September 28, 1993) DOS BASIC programmers want supported compilers - that continue to improve (DOS isn't dead!). PowerBASIC is clearly the standard of comparison for BASIC compilers. Incredible string handling, instant TSRs, a built-in assembler, new data types, BCD variables, direct array operations (sort, scan, insert, delete), fast math, and many other BASIC firsts. Complete online manuals!
If you like "smaller and faster" then PowerTree is just what you need! PowerTree is a fast B+Tree manager for DOS and Windows that can index more than two billion records with no limitations on the type of data file. With PowerTree, anything is possible...

"Because PowerBASIC for DOS can link in object code at compile time, it can do anything the hardware is capable of. I've used this method to create flat memory models within my Powerbasic programs that can access all of memory at high speed, I've taken over the timing tick, keyboard and com port interrupts for my own, nefarious ends :-), and I control proprietary hardware devices that lack DOS drivers. Powerbasic then provides the powerful, easy-to-program front-end that glues these assembly subroutines together."

- Jerry Mason, Ohio State University, Astronomy  


Click me! Classic PowerBASIC 9 For Windows
  Classic PowerBASIC Forms  
Classic PowerBASIC is a proven product with value pricing. It's a true professional compiler... Not too long ago, it was known as PowerBASIC 9.0 for Windows. It's a great introduction to the Power in PowerBASIC -- a serious compiler at entry-level pricing. It's compatible with every version of Windows from Win95 to WinVista and Win7.
Classic PowerBASIC Forms is specifically designed for Classic PowerBASIC. You'll visually create your GUI in just minutes. You'll "Drag 'n' Drop" dialogs and controls, quickly create menus, and get clean, structured, DDT source code ready to compile for your application.
Click me! Classic PowerBASIC Console Compiler 5
Looking for a professional level compiler that has statements such as INPUT, PRINT, LOCATE, LINE INPUT, INKEY$, INSTAT, CLS, COLOR, KEY, KEY$, and LPRINT? One that creates Windows applications? One that is not limited by 640K, but can access megabytes and megabytes of memory? How about a low low price? Look no further the PowerBASIC Console Compiler 5 has all this and much much more!
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Click me! PowerShirt version 1.0
PowerShirt version 1.0 is the perfect complement to PowerBASIC Compilers. You'll set new standards of style with the latest softwear from PowerBASIC. This high quality black T-Shirt proclaims "I Compile Without Compromise"! Best of all, it's guaranteed to be 100% bug-free! more info and prices

Click me! PB/Xtra - Programmers Reference Collection
More PowerBASIC source code than you ever thought possible. Now with version 3, PB/Xtra III has over 1 gigabyte of source code, libraries, utilities, shareware, freeware, tips and techniques, and third party demos all supporting the latest version of PowerBASIC. more info and prices

Click me! PowerTree™ for DOS and Windows
Need fast indexed access to your data?  The PowerTree™ BTree manager is for you!  Index and search thousands of records in seconds. Create and access indexes from DOS or Windows with complete compatibility. more info and prices