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On-Line Manuals
PowerBASIC for Windows 10
PowerBASIC Console Compiler 6
PowerBASIC Forms 2.0
QuickStart Tutorials New to programming PowerBASIC for Windows? Need a refresher? See these step by step guides!
Peer Support Forums
Need help with your current project? New to PowerBASIC programming? Want to share your solutions? Get your answers from the PowerBASIC Peer Support Forums, hosted on the PowerBASIC web site. You'll find a very active community of thousands of PowerBASIC programmers from around the world - along with our own Support Staff - who read and respond to forum posts every day. The forums are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week! If you can't find answers to your questions among the hundreds of thousands searchable posts, just ask in your own post. Browse the Source Code Forum for some great examples! We strongly encourage to you participate in the discussions that take place there!
Product demos, sample code, useful utilities and many other files, including archived issues of the PowerBASIC Gazette, can be found in the Downloads section.
Tech Notes
Articles and white papers about PowerBASIC.
Tech Support
Still need help? E-mail our Technical Support department ( ). Be sure to include a detailed description of your problem, including any code fragments that may be necessary. Please provide your product serial number.
Installation Support All registered users have unlimited e-mail, telephone and fax access to assistance regarding setup, installation, and other questions on how to get PowerBASIC properly configured. There is no charge for Installation Support. You must have a valid serial number and have registered your product by sending in your registration card or filling out our online registration form.
Current Product Versions

* updates are available in the Product Announcements forum.

Product Current
File date (mm/dd/yyyy)
FirstBasic for DOS (Registered Version) 1.00 08/01/1996
PB/Vision GUI Designer for PB/DOS 2.11 08/11/2000
PB/Xtra Programmer's Reference Collection on CD-ROM III (3.00) N/A
PowerBASIC Compiler for DOS 3.50 12/19/1997
PowerBASIC Compiler for Windows *
(formerly PowerBASIC DLL Compiler (32-bit))
10.03 12/28/2011
PowerBASIC Console Compiler for Windows * 6.03 12/28/2011
Classic PowerBASIC Compiler for Windows 8.05 12/11/2009
Classic PowerBASIC Console Compiler for Windows 4.06 06/01/2010
PowerBASIC Developer Kit for Windows (for PB/DOS) discontinued 2.50 12/01/1997
PowerBASIC DLL Compiler (16-bit) 2.00 10/03/1997
PowerBASIC Forms Visual Designer for PB/Win * 2.0 11/01/2009
PowerShirt 1.00 N/A
PowerGEN Visual Designer for PB/DLL discontinued 1.00 07/04/1998
PowerTree B+Tree Manager for Windows and DOS 1.10 11/01/2001
QuickPak Professional for PB/DOS discontinued 1.32 08/14/2000
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Documentation and Online References

  • Many answers can be found in the documentation which came with your product. Try searching the Table of Contents or the Index to see if your topic is covered.

  • Many PowerBASIC products come with WinHelp. In some cases, the WinHelp will contain more up-to-date information than the printed documentation.

  • The README files on the product disks include last-minute information about your product which could not be placed into the documentation.

  • We have a comprehensive list of web sites of interest to PowerBASIC programmers.

  • The PowerBASIC product license may be viewed in text or HTML form.

Learning how to program for Windows
book list:

Programming Windows by Petzold *

Win32 Programming by Rector & Newcomer

Windows System Programming by Hart

Windows Graphic Programming


* PowerBASIC source for the examples in this book

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