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Old Jun 12th, 1999, 11:42 AM
Dave Navarro Dave Navarro is offline
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PowerBASIC Gazette: Volume 1, Issue 9

PowerBASIC Gazette CyberEdition #9
This is hot news...  Really hot news...  Perhaps the most
significant news in PowerBASIC history!  PB/CC 2 and PB/DLL 6!
Our most important upgrades ever.  What's so special?  All the
things you said you needed most...
Of course, PB/CC is our Console Compiler -- with a text mode
interface to 32-bit Windows.  PB/DLL is oriented towards a
graphical user interface, and with DDT, you won't believe how
easy it is to build GUI applications!
PB/DLL 6 includes DDT:
* DDT: Dynamic Dialog Tools(tm)...  With DDT, you'll build
complete GUI applications easier than ever.  Don't struggle
with form designers.  Don't fight with resource scripts.
Don't get lost in a sea of API calls!  With PB/DLL's DDT, a
few simple Basic Statements will build a complete Graphical
User Interface!
* DIALOG NEW creates an empty dialog box.  CONTROL ADD places
buttons, icons, frames, bitmaps, combo boxes, labels, list
boxes, text/edit boxes, even custom controls and more.  Add
menus.  Then display it with DIALOG SHOW.  It really is just
that easy!  Perhaps best of all, DDT is dynamic.  Change
dialogs and controls "on-the-fly"!  Alter the size, position,
and style at will.  With DDT, we put the Power in your hands.
That's precisely where it belongs!
PB/CC 2 includes Console & Standard I/O:
* Do even more with the Console...   In PB/CC, you'll resize
the console window with a single statement: Make it tiny --
10 lines by 10 columns? -- Make it Huge, even larger than the
physical screen!  Change the console caption to a name of your
choice, or use CONSNAME$() to retrieve the current title.
Have you ever wished for a 32-bit DOS-Style compiler?   One
with the straightforward DOS interface but megabytes and
megabytes of memory?  It's here.  The PowerBASIC Console
Compiler for Windows.  With PB/CC, it's a whole new Windows!
Text mode applications for Win95/98 and WinNT.
The Console is a text mode interface connected right to the
heart of 32-bit Windows.  With a console application, there's
no fluff, no animated puppets, just intense computing power.
Port existing Basic code from DOS to Windows today!
INSTAT, SCREEN, and LPRINT.  All of the standard text mode
functions.  Then we added more: CURSOR, INSHIFT, PAGE, PCOPY,
WAITKEY$ and WAITSTAT.  A complete set of mouse handlers.
SCROLL any region of the screen in any direction.  Change the
size of the console (make it 10 lines by 10 columns, or make
it huge!).  You can even set or retrieve the console title.
Did you say Internet?  Create CGI apps for your web server!
It's the perfect tool.  PB/CC offers Standard Input & Output
for easy communication.  Standalone executables as small as
10K.  Whether your program looks up names, or calculates a
mortgage, it can take data from a web form, process it as
needed, then deliver the results right to the browser of a
distant end user.
Both New Compilers offer:
* Client/Server Network Communications...  TCP/UDP support is
built right in.  Communicate with a TCP server on the Internet
or your own local intranet.  Send an email message in just a
few lines of code.  Download a web page or file in seconds.
You'll even receive source code to a complete HTTP server!
Use it today to put your own web pages on the Internet.
* High-speed Serial Communications...  If you need to
communicate with another computer, modem, or serial device,
here's your instant solution.  A complete COMM package for
binary or text mode.  Easily service multiple ports with total
control of data flow, buffers, and parameters.
* Regular Expressions...  Search and replace with the most
powerful string engine you'll find.  Of course, it's lightning
fast, and this complete implementation even supports 99 tag
fields.  Search for words with multiple spellings (like color
and colour).  Extract internet addresses, reformat financial
amounts, and more, with just a simple search and replace mask.
* Huge File Support...  Forget about the old 2 gigabyte file
barrier.  With PowerBASIC, that's ancient history.  Subject to
operating system support, you'll create and access files up to
4 terabytes in size.  That's 4096 gigabytes!
* Advanced String Handling...  The new string functionality is
awesome.  ASC(), INSTR(), MID$(), and PARSE$() accept negative
position parameters, to work right-to-left from the string end.
PARSE$(x$,y$,-1) returns the last parsed field in x$, -2 gets
the second-to-last.  The string function MID$("abcde",-3,2)
returns "cd", and the statement MID$("abcde",-3) = "12" yields
the new value "ab12e".  BIN$(), HEX$(), and OCT$() offer an
optional digit mask, so that BIN$(1,4) returns "0001".
EXTRACT$() supports an optional start position, REMAIN$()
complements it by returning the remaining portion, following
the delimiter.  MCASE$() capitalizes the first letter of each
word, while STRINSERT$(), STRDELETE$() and STRREVERSE$() insert,
delete, or resequence characters in a string.
* String Equates...  Just like numeric constants, now there are
strings as well.  Set $KillerApp = "PB/DLL", or anything else
you need.  We've even pre-defined a number of them for you,
like $NUL, $TAB, $EOF, $ESC and more.
* DiskFree and DiskSize...  How large is that disk drive?  And
how much free space is left?  These functions give you answers.
It's a snap!
* Faster than ever...  Our developers spent countless hours
"counting cpu cycles" and optimizing code.  As always, the
results will astound you.  How about compile speeds of One
Million Lines Per Minute?  You won't wait around for this
compiler!  Execution speed?  It doesn't get any better.  Array
Sort/Scan run up to 35% faster, and overall, PowerBASIC leaves
the others in a cloud of dust.  Perhaps it's time for some
"C Snobbery" in reverse!
* One Floppy per App...  with room to spare!  We're heating up
the War on Bloatware.  Create an application with a complete,
sophisticated, graphical user interface.  Use many forms, lots
of controls, TCP communication, and huge data file handlers.
You'll need no run-time modules, no DLL's, nothing but a single
fast, tight, executable.  Deliver a Win32 app (even many Win32
apps) on 1 floppy disk!
Of course, there's even more...   SLEEP to pause, RESET to
clear a user-type, variable or array, and ERRAPI to get the
Win32 error code.  A new FILEATTR(), FILECOPY, FILENAME$(),
GET/PUT ABS, and LSET/RSET ABS.  You'll get local labels, a
simplified PBMain(), $REGISTER options per function, and REDIM
with statics and globals.  Native multi-threading, MMX support,
matrix operations, register variables, and unsigned integers.
There are code and data pointers, a built-in assembler, ASCIIZ
strings, unions, and 64-bit quad integers.  Extended precision
floats, multiple currency variables, array sort, scan, insert,
delete, and the fastest, tightest code in the industry!  But
that's just what you've come to expect from PowerBASIC...
We respectfully offer "Craftsmanship in Code".
With these new compilers, you'll have everything you need to
build complete, robust applications for 32-bit Windows!  And if
you still work with Win3.1, the 16-bit version of PB/DLL is now
included with PB/DLL 6.0 absolutely free!  You know, there's
never been a better time to be a BASIC programmer.  It's your
golden opportunity to join PowerBASIC and share the excitement!
PB/DLL 6.0 is attractively priced at $189.00, while PB/CC 2.0
is just $159.00.  If you own a previous 32-bit version of each
product, you qualify for a substantial discount to just $99.00
and $79.00 respectively.  If not, a special bundle price is
available to those who order both (a $50.00 discount on the
second compiler!).  Orders will be fulfilled in the sequence
they're received, so please don't wait.  You can order by
replying to this email right now.  You can call us today at
(800)780-7707 or (831)659-8000, fax it to (831)659-8008, place
an e/order on our web site ( www.powerbasic.com ), or even mail
it in.  But whatever method you choose, please do it today and
do it with confidence.  Every product PowerBASIC ships is
offered with a money-back guarantee for a full 30 days from the
transaction date.
                                    Robert S. Zale, President
                      PowerBASIC Price List
 PB/CC Console Compiler 2.0 - Full Product                 $159.00
 PB/CC Console Compiler 2.0 - Upgrade from vs 1.0            79.00
    Add Printed Documentation                                29.00
    Add PB/DLL 6.0 Bundle                                   139.00
 PB/DLL 32/16 Compiler 6.0 - Full Product                  $189.00
 PB/DLL 32/16 Compiler 6.0 - Upgrade from vs 1.0/1.5/5.0     99.00
    Add Printed Documentation                                29.00
    Add PB/CC 2.0 Bundle                                    109.00
 Shipping/Handling for above:
                    Compilers      Compilers+book    Addl Books
 Email                 $6              N/A             N/A
 Std: US/Can/Mex       $6               $6              $6
 Fedex US 2-day       $12              $12              $6
 Fedex US 1-day       $22              $22              $6
 Air Mail Intl        $12              $22              $6
 Fedex Intl           $28              $38              $8
 Fedex International Rates are for Western Europe, Pacific Rim,
  Asia, and North America.  Others please request a quotation.
 PowerGEN Visual Designer for PB/DLL                        $99.00
 PowerTree Index Manager for Windows (Win16/32)            $129.00
 PowerBASIC Compiler v3.5 for DOS                          $119.00
 PowerTree Index Manager for DOS                            $89.00
 QuickPak Professional for DOS                             $129.00
 PB/Vision for DOS                                          $89.00
 "Learning Basic" for DOS                                   $29.95
 PB/Xtra III for DOS and Windows                            $49.00
 Domestic shipping is $6 (add $6 for 2-day, add $16 overnight),
 International Air Mail is $12 for Windows products or $28 for
 DOS products with books.  Add $16 for International Federal
 Express to Western Europe, Pacific Rim, Asia, and North America.
 Others please request a quotation.
Order online at  www.powerbasic.com/products/order/   or just send
an email with all pertinent information to   mailto:sales@powerbasic.comsales@powerbasic.com 
We'll take it from there!
Most PowerBASIC products (those without printed books) can now be
delivered by electronic mail.  No wait for a package to arrive...
No high shipping costs...  For just $6 per order, no matter how
many products, we'll deliver directly to your computer.  If you're
outside the U.S., savings might be greater.  You won't pay taxes or
duties to a freight company or postal service, because they aren't
involved in the delivery.  Check your tax code to be sure, but some
countries charge no tax at all on transactions of this type.  It
could just be your lucky day!
            A New Telephone Number for PowerBASIC!
The area code of all PowerBASIC telephone numbers is changing,
effective right now!  It was 408 in the past.  Now it's 831.
Please make a note of the new number right now!  We don't want to
miss even one phone call from our most valued customers!
The new PowerBASIC Area Code is:     831
================================     ===
PowerBASIC, Inc.                              (800) 780-7707 Sales
316 Mid Valley Center                         (831) 659-8000 Voice
Carmel, CA 93923                              (831) 659-8008 Fax
Is your PowerBASIC Gazette Electronic Edition subscription coming to
you at home or work?  If you don't want to miss a single issue, why
not subscribe from both email addresses?
Send your subscription request to  mailto:email@powerbasic.comemail@powerbasic.com  and please
include your name and all email addresses you'd like to add as well
as your Zip or Postal Code.
Did you know that there is also a paper edition of the PowerBASIC
Gazette?  That's right, you can get a newsletter with articles
detailing all of the products available from PowerBASIC, Inc.  Full
of useful code tidbits, book reviews and more.  Why not get your
free subscription today?
Send your name and postal address to  mailto:sales@powerbasic.comsales@powerbasic.com 
If you know someone else who would enjoy this newsletter please
forward a copy to them so they can subscribe.
All contents Copyright (c) 1999 by PowerBASIC, Inc.  All Rights are
Reserved.  PowerBASIC is a registered trademark of PowerBASIC, Inc.
PB/CC, PB/DLL, PowerGEN, and PowerTREE are trademarks of PowerBASIC,
Inc.  All other brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks
of their respective owners.
                PowerBASIC Gazette - Electronic Edition
                          Volume 1 - Issue 9
PowerBASIC, Inc.                              (800) 780-7707 Sales
316 Mid Valley Center                         (831) 659-8000 Voice
Carmel, CA 93923                              (831) 659-8008 Fax
Visit us on the World Wide Web at  http://www.powerbasic.com 
Email Sales:   mailto:sales@powerbasic.comsales@powerbasic.com 
This newsletter is only sent to email addresses in our subscription
list.  If you have received this newsletter by mistake or no longer
wish to receive it, please send a simple unsubscribe request to
 mailto:support@powerbasic.comsupport@powerbasic.com  with your name and zip/postal code.
This newsletter is best viewed with a fixed-width font.
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