Technical Notes

Managing Dates, Times, and Winning Numbers Tutorial on using the PowerTime object.
So, you think you know Unicode? The Lowdown on ASCII, ANSI, and Unicode.
The PowerLIB - A fusion of libraries How to create a library that exports both COM objects and standard Windows DLL functions.
The Life and Times of an Object A comprehensive discussion of objects in PowerBASIC.
Creating your own classes and objects Tutorial on creating your own classes and objects with PowerBASIC. (PDF file)
CGI Programming using PowerBASIC CGI. Have your program communicate with a web page!
Part 1: Basic Concepts
Part 2: Server Side Includes
Part 3: Cookies
Part 4: Template Techniques
Who's afraid of a DLL? DLLs. Do you think that DLLs are hard to use, or not for you? Think again!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Threads. Learn how multi-threading can supercharge your application's performance.
Optimize Your Code with Register Variables Register Variables. An exclusive innovation in optimization from PowerBASIC, Inc.
Creating Dynamic Web Pages with PB/CC CGI. The PowerBASIC Console Compiler lets you create CGI applications for your Windows based web server. Learn how!
Saving Programming Cycles BAS. Learn the most effective way to speed up your programming!
Notes on 32 bit Assembler ASM. Things to be aware of when moving to 32 bit Assembler.
QuickBasic to PB/CC BAS. Judging the effort required to convert from QuickBasic to PB/CC.
Collections PowerBASIC Collections tutorial.
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