Third-Party Products - Development Environment

Here is a list of companies which have developed tools for use by PowerBASIC programmers during the development phase of applications.


If you know of a vendor/product that we should consider listing, please let us know by sending an email to PowerBASIC Support.


Computer Workshop EZGUI GUI Development System
ExeShield ExeShield Add Try before you buy to applications
IDEAL Software dycodoc Visual Form and Document designer
José Roca Software TypeLib Browser Browse and explore type libraries and create include files
José Roca Software SED Editor Programmer's editor
Juergen Kuehlwein JK-IDE for PowerBASiC Feature-rich PowerBASIC Editor and Debugger with Project support
Planet squires JellyFish Pro Editor - for PowerBASIC Next generation editor specifically designed for PowerBASIC programmers
Prometheus Software Phoenix Visual Designer Rapid Application Development environment
MicroWorks SmartDongle Advanced software protection for software developers - that fits on a keychain
Zippety Software Lynx Project Explorer/Tools Provides a hierarchical map of the files and code in your project
Zippety Software TinyHelp Help system built around the excellent QHTM DLL control.