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PowerBASIC Compiler for Windows v10.03

PowerBASIC for Windows is a native code compiler for all versions of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows 10. It creates standard Windows GUI (graphical user interface) applications. It creates highly efficient executables and industry-standard DLLs for optimum flexibility. The machine code generated by PowerBASIC is among the most efficient in the industry, both in size and speed.

PowerBASIC Console Compiler v6.03

Create 32 bit applications that run in the Windows console/command prompt. It's as straightforward as programming for DOS, yet gets you beyond those DOS limitations. Much faster than the best DOS Basic around! The high degree of source code compatibility with PowerBASIC, QuickBasic, GW-BASIC and BASICA makes it easy to port existing DOS applications to run under Windows 95 through Windows 10.

PowerBASIC Forms v2.01

User interface design getting you down? Here’s the instant solution! • Visually create your GUI in just minutes. • Drag-and-drop dialogs and controls let you quickly create menus, even import form design from a multitude of prior sources.

PowerBASIC for Windows v10.03 • PowerBASIC Console Compiler v6.03 • PowerBASIC Forms v2.01 Bundle

Purchase PBWIN10, PBCC6, and PBForms2 together for a discounted price.