PowerTREE for Windows


PowerTree manages indexes to data. Any data, any format, any usage. PowerTree offers a concise, proprietary implementation of the highly effective B+Tree algorithm for indexed data management. Create one index or many. Use one data file or many, always in the format of your choice. There are no arbitrary limitations. Retrieve data sequentially, by exact match or approximation.

PowerTree is easy to implement. There are only 14 functions to learn, not hundreds. Create or open an index. Add a new entry. Delete or search for an entry. Find the first, last, next or previous entry. It’s that easy! And in Windows, the DLL interface is industry standard, for immediate, effective use with virtually any programming language.

There are no royalties or fees for distribution with your application.

PowerTree is a 32 bit, "Win32" (unmanaged) DLL module. It can be used in any programming language that supports calling this type of module.

Code samples are included for PowerBASIC For Windows, PowerBASIC Console Compiler, C, and C++. Code samples for C++ are created with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. PowerTree LIB File for C/C++ Linker Input is included in installation folder(s).

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License Agreement (PDF)

PowerTREE for Windows is a 32 bit application and is compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows. If using with a 64 bit compiler, target environment must be set to x86.

System Requirements

PowerTREE for Windows

PowerTree is a fast B+Tree manager for Windows that can index more than two billion records with no limitations on the type of data file.