Friends of PowerBASIC

A number of our friends and customers have offered to share their experiences with PowerBASIC. These are real people, real programmers, real users of PowerBASIC. We truly hope you find them intriguing. Perhaps you'll even join us soon?


Mike Stoll Amazing
Mark Johnson, P.E. Best that I have ever seen!
Kevin Oliverson Better than all the other
Gosta H Lovgren Beyond fantastic
Gary Barnes Brilliant
My favorite programming language
Startling and innovative additions
James Uchizono, Ph.D. By-far the best
Guy Dombrowski Dream come true
Brian Reynolds They Were Right!
Adam Drake Incredible!
Nathan Maddox Enjoyment with PowerBASIC
Support or experience
Ken Muth Excellent support
Bernard Chapman Exceptional tools
Michael Boho Advantages to PBWin
Borje Hagsten Extremely powerful
Petr Schreiber Fantastic
Gary Beene I used VB6 for a long time...
PowerBASIC vs REALbasic
Jim Robinson Fast and courteous support
Douglas McDonald Fast fast fast
PB is hands down the best
Brad Byrne Incredible speed!
PB/Win 10 completely ROCKS!!
Michael Thomason It is EVERYTHING promised
Volker Butzlaff Lean and fast
Kerry Farmer Lightning fast
Clint Sprott PBCC outruns Matlab
Bud Durland PB is a key component
Manuel Valdes PowerBASIC addict
Dr. Richard True PowerBASIC is an absolute gem!
PowerBASIC is fantastic
Javier GutiƩrrez PowerBASIC rules in terms of speed
Chris Boss Professional programming language
Jaime de los Hoyos, MD   Puts the Power in BASIC
Torkel Jodalen Put the FUN back in programming
Erik Olson Rock Solid Performance!
Bart Bauers Save tens of thousands of dollars
Steven Pringels Secret tool of choice
Simon Morgan Superb professional products
Theo Gottwald Small solutions for big problems!
It's GREAT to compile with PB 10
Raymond W. Leech, III Thank you for such a great product
Iain Johnstone There is no going back!
Jim Seekamp The awesomeness of PowerBASIC
Cliff Nichols VB-Refugee
Scott Slater "Go-to" compiler
George W. Bleck Best of any company
JG Huang Fast! Fast! Fast!
James M. Hiney Since the days of MS DOS 5.0